ArtfulBits Email as Attachment

ArtfulBits Email as Attachment makes sending multiple documents from SharePoint more convenient. Just select your documents from the Document Library and click the "Send as Attachment" button. A new email will then open automatically with the documents attached. ArtfulBits Email as Attachment also can compress the documents into a single archive.

  • Send documents directly from the Document Library.
  • Compress documents and send or download an archive.
  • Supports multiple document selection.
  • Display a "Send as Attachment" action item in the menu.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Language pack support.

Últimas Notícias

ArtfulBits Email as Attachment V1.12
ArtfulBits Email as Attachment V1.12
Adiciona suporte ao Microsoft SharePoint 2016.
ArtfulBits Email as Attachment released
ArtfulBits Email as Attachment released
Send one or more documents as attachments directly from your SharePoint library.

Preços a partir de: $ 196.00

One software license is required per Single SharePoint Farm. Subscription provides the following benefits for 1 year: One year of prioritized support, Access to ArtfulBits Issue Tracking System...

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  • SharePoint 2013
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