Lançamentos do Aspose.Words for .NET

Released: Nov 2, 2016

Atualizações na V16.11.0


  • FixedPageSaveOptions.OptimizeOutput added for all fixed page formats, improving the size of output documents.
  • Output PDF now contains a valid document ID despite the compliancy settings (with or without PDF/A compliancy).
  • Support for several MS Word 2013 features from various DOCX extension specs including:
    • Collapsed state of headings.
    • Footnote columns.
    • Graphical object containers.
    • Effect containers.
    • 3D Extrusion Allowed and Path Fill attributes.
    • Scene3d, Sp3d and ExtLst for...

Released: Oct 10, 2016

Atualizações na V16.10.0


  • Added feature to compare documents in a similar way to Microsoft Word.
  • Determin OOXML compliance version from the loaded document content.
  • Improved font fallback while rendering Myanmar Unicode range fonts.
  • Improved DrawingML text effects rendering performance.
  • Added DrawingML text box rendering effects.
  • Improved SVG rendering.
  • Improved encoding detection while rendering MathML.
  • Improved Chinese text rendering in HtmlFixed.

Released: Sep 8, 2016

Atualizações na V16.8.0


  • Huge performance optimizations.
  • Support for loading Mobi (Mobipocket) documents.
  • Shapes with translucent fill rendering implemented in PDF and other fixed-page formats. The opacity parameter is now taken into account.
  • New base class FixedPageSaveOptions added for all fixed page formats e.g. PNG, PDF, HTML and many others.
  • Over a dozen of fixes and improvements in model and flow formats.
  • Hijri/Lunar, Hebrew Calendar Date Field options supported.
  • The analogue of NEXT fields added...

Released: Aug 10, 2016

Atualizações na V16.7.0


  • A document page can now be saved in GIF format using SaveFormat.Gif in ImageSaveOptions.
  • Improved font substitution rules. Now an embedded font is used for substitution if available.
  • Multilevel string rendering in DrawingML Chart axis labels has been improved.
  • OfficeMath objects now can be exported to HTML,MHTML or EPUB as mathml elements.
  • Implemented rendering of format revisions in balloons.
  • SKIPIF fields now supported.
  • LINQ Reporting Engine supports more numeric and string...

Released: Jul 11, 2016

Atualizações na V16.6.0


  • Fast extraction from DOC format via PlainTextDocument class is faster by a factor of ten (at a cost).
  • Save DOCX files in ISO 29500 Strict OOXML format.
  • Added support for outer document insertion to LINQ Reporting Engine.
  • Added feature to insert empty values in chart series.
  • HTML radio input fields are imported to AW as HtmlOleControl nodes/HtmlOleControl nodes are exported to HTML as HTML input tags.
  • Implemented support for "show revisions in balloons" option.
  • Implemented...

Released: Jun 23, 2016

Atualizações na V16.5.0


  • Improved reflow performance for large paragraphs.
  • Added explicit support of multiple data sources to LINQ Reporting Engine.
  • SVG output with IE compatibility improved.
  • Improved widow/orphan handling for tables.
  • Improved Asian text line breaking.
  • Improved font metrics calculation for substituted fonts.
  • Implemented support for SuppressEndnotes option.

Released: May 9, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in V16.4.0

  • Improved the speed of cold document creation and loading.
  • Automatic detection of encoding of a text file.
  • Import MathML from HTML documents.
  • Improved positioning of pictures inside tables.
  • PDF A1b compliancy improved.
  • DML Charts effects support improved.

Released: Mar 16, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in V16.2.0

  • Quickly extract Plain Text from Flow-format documents.
  • Determine if a run or paragraph has format changes.
  • Font substitution while rendering fixed-page formats improved to mimic MS Word.
  • Added axis logarithmic scales for DML charts.
  • DrawingML shapes with guides are now scaled correctly.
  • Improved DML chart rendering.

Released: Feb 3, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in V16.1.0

  • Implemented auto-fit grid calculations for tables.
  • EMF+ images now can be rendered without using GDI+.
  • Improved rendering of comments.
  • Word 6.0 binary DOC files are now supported.
  • Added public methods for inserting signature lines.
  • Configure document hyphenation options.
  • Added more public classes and methods to work with fields in a document.
  • Font sources can now be specified for each document instance.
  • Implemented line counting.

Released: Dec 26, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in V15.12.0

  • Access ActiveX control properties.
  • New InsertOleObject method.
  • Preset text wrap (“follow path”, “warp”) for DrawingML textboxes rendering implemented.
  • DrawingML textboxes rendering improved.
  • Apply styles from the template during HTML insertion.
  • HTML Import supports ruby tags now.