Lançamentos do Aspose.Words for .NET

Released: Nov 5, 2021

Atualizações na V21.11


  • Added ExportImagesAsBase64 option for MD format.
  • Added a Callback event that notifies the progress of loading a document.
  • Added new PdfSaveOptions property to export Structured Document Tag (SDT) controls as editable PDF form fields.
  • Added support for “ms-its” and other local URLs when importing a CHM from a stream.
  • Added Microsoft Word scaling algorithm for non-native Ink objects when rendering.
  • Added full support for ReportingEngine.UseReflectionOptimization for Microsoft .NET...

Released: Oct 7, 2021

Atualizações na V21.10


  • Added the ability to work with gradient stops in gradient fills.
  • Added API to set the opacity of an image shape.
  • Added new StructuredDocumentTag - control Appearance.
  • Added API to add/remove gradient color fill for text.
  • Added gradient fill support for shapes.
  • Added the ability to ignore footnotes in Range.Replace.
  • Added Fill.OneColorGradient() method.
  • Added API to set shading fill and patterns for table.
  • Added Fill.TextureAlignment property.
  • Added gradient fill support for...

Released: Sep 2, 2021

Atualizações na V21.9


  • Optimized PDF output size for documents with multiple gradient filled shapes.
  • Added the ability to read custom properties from PDFs.
  • Added the ability to apply 3D effects to images.
  • Added the ability to export language in Tag tab of object properties (ExportDocumentStructure).
  • Added the ability to set language in PDF Tag Properties.
  • Widow/orphan rule is now respected in PDF output.
  • Added support for NumberStyle CUSTOM for LEADING_ZERO formats.


  • Unable to SetLicense on...

Released: Aug 3, 2021

Atualizações na V21.8


  • Added API to move cursor to any position (character etc) inside a paragraph.
  • Added support for HSL colors in HTML documents.
  • Added context to exceptions thrown while evaluating expressions for LINQ Reporting Engine.
  • You can now remove Generator or Producer Name.
  • Added the ability to calculate storeItemChecksum attribute when saving.
  • Added the ability to export language in object property tag tab.
  • Added the ability to insert GIF images into a document.
  • Added support for updating...

Released: Jul 2, 2021

Atualizações na V21.7


  • Added new fill pattern method.
  • Added the ability to read a URL from the Target attribute from inside webSettings.xml.rels files.
  • Added maskPen rasterOp mode in InkML rendering.
  • Added support for several exact date-time parse formats while loading from JSON.
  • Added the ability to render brushes in maskPen rasterOp mode.
  • You can now make links clickable when converting CHM to HTML when the file is pointing to itself.
  • Added support for array type identifiers in template syntax.
  • Added...

Released: Jun 3, 2021

Atualizações na V21.6


  • Added API that allows you to change the color of chart category series.
  • Added support for rendering DrawingML, InkML and ContentPart.
  • Added the ability to change the color of chart series.
  • Added the ability to create scatter charts with lines.
  • Added the ability to always generate an object for an XML root element in LINQ Reporting Engine.
  • Added the ability to get/set Asian character spacing properties.
  • Added storeItemChecksum get/set method.
  • Added Fill.PresetTextured() method...

Released: May 4, 2021

Atualizações na V21.5


  • Added support for exporting EQ (Equation) field to all HTML based formats.
  • Added the ability to export vector images to SVG when saving a document to HTML.
  • LINQ Reporting Engine - Added the ability to customize restrictions on dynamic cell merging.
  • Added the ability to use PDF annotations to display user comments.
  • Added support for StylisticSet attribute in the document model.
  • Added new methods to set checked and unchecked symbol for StructuredDocumentTag.
  • Added the ability to...

Released: Apr 1, 2021

Atualizações na V21.4


  • Added more properties/methods to StructuredDocumentTagRangeStart Class.
  • Added support for advanced typography in SkiaSharp image renderer.
  • Added the ability to save user specified page ranges when saving to flow formats.
  • Improved list item padding simulation in HTML list writer.
  • Added “IsDecorative” flag for DML shapes.
  • Improved support for large files.


  • DOCX to PDF conversion: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: ‘Index was out of range.
  • URL is changed after Word to PDF...

Released: Mar 5, 2021

Atualizações na V21.3


  • Added font fill property.
  • Added support for MERGESEQ fields.
  • Added bool FontSettings.SetFontsFolder overload.
  • Added the ability to read StructuredDocumentTagRangeStart content.
  • Added the ability to remove styles from Style Gallery.
  • Improved path gradient rendering in Microsoft .NET Standard.
  • LINQ Reporting Engine
    • Added support for SelectMany extension method.
    • Added support for Select extension method.
    • Added support for dynamic cell merging in both directions simultaneously...

Released: Feb 3, 2021

Atualizações na V21.2


  • You can now dynamically add combobox and dropdown list items in LINQ Reporting Engine.
  • You can now extract visible plain text from OLE objects.
  • Added the option to export images to HTML as SVG format.
  • Added the ability to move to a particular character inside a paragraph.
  • PdfDocumentReaderPlugin now mirrors Hebrew text.
  • Added support for rendering DrawingML 3D effects.
  • Improved compatibility when rendering shape-lines created in Microsoft Word 97.
  • Added support for drawing...