Sobre o Astah UML

Ferramenta de diagramação UML leve com habilidades de mapeamento mental.

Astah UML is a modeling tool that supports UML and Mind Map. When UML modeling drives your development process, you need a tool that is specifically designed for UML and will give you all the features you need, without being too complicated. Astah UML is a simple to learn and simple to use tool that will allow you to create the UML diagrams you need.

Modern UML Diagramming - Designed with UML 2.x in Mind.
Astah is even faster than Excel or non-UML specific drawing tools. It will allow you to create a set of UML 2.x diagrams for your project, including:

  • Class diagrams.
  • UseCase diagrams.
  • Statemachine diagrams.
  • Activity diagrams.
  • Sequence diagrams.
  • Communication diagrams.
  • Component diagrams.
  • Deployment diagrams.
  • Composite Structure diagrams.
  • Mindmaps.

Powerfully Easy - Work quickly and efficiently with assist functions.
The result is a powerful software program that is incredibly easy to use and learn. Astah UML offers a variety of "assist" functions to make your work faster, including:

  • Auto-create class diagrams.
  • Alignment guides.
  • Copy to MS Office documents.
  • Auto-layout.
  • Customize shortcut keys.
  • Gap expander/remover.
  • Map view.
  • Merge project files.
  • Search and replace.
  • Show related classes/models.
  • State transition path & table.

Make it Your Own

  • Big library of plug-ins & integrations: Need a feature that’s not included out of the box? No problem! Thanks to the Friends of Astah and our own extensive library of plug-ins and integrations, Astah UML can be customized to do what you need. Plug-ins are available for code generation, reverse engineering code, exporting, usability, and more. In addition, Astah UML integrates with Atlassian’s Confluence, yUML and Freemind.
  • Expand the power with Astah UML's API: The Astah API enables you to obtain Astah model information, create and modify diagrams and models, and use them in application software. With the API guide, you can also create your own plug-in and submit it to the Astah library.