Data Abstract for .NET Licensing

Se precisar conversar sobre os seus requisitos de licenciamento de Data Abstract for .NET, entre em contato com nossos especialistas em licenciamento RemObjects Software.

All licenses are per-user and include one year of free updates and support, from the day of purchase. Products never expire.
Data Abstract includes a developer license for Relativity Server.

Premium Support is an upgrade service over the free Standard Support that is offered. It gives you a faster response time and guarantees that your inquiries are moved up in the support queue. Premium Support is offered as a yearly subscription and includes 10 Support Tickets. It can be purchased independently for any of the Remobjects products you own.

Note: Support Tickets do not expire as long as your Premium Support Subscription remains active. If you have unused ones at the end of your subscription year, they will automatically be rolled over to the following year, when you renew.

Please note that you will be emailed your User Name, Password and Subscription details in order to download the full retail installers. The subscription information also gives you access to any support options and software updates that you are entitled to for the duration of your subscription period.

Contratos de Licença

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Outubro 27, 2017