DevExpress WinForms Releases

Released: Nov 1, 2021

Atualizações na 21.2


Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Support

  • DevExpress installers now ship separate VSIX extensions for Visual Studio 2022 to ensure that all major design-time tools (like the "DevExpress" menu, DevExpress Template Gallery, Toolbox, etc.) are fully functional.

Microsoft .NET 6 Support

  • Added support for the latest Preview build of .NET 6. In addition, the DevExpress Template Gallery includes templates for .NET 5 and .NET 6.

New HTML & CSS Templates (CTP)

  • You can now define data-aware...

Released: Sep 30, 2021

Atualizações na 21.1.6


All WinForms products

  • A relation in the Master-Detail Relationships Editor is incorrectly displayed if custom scaling is defined for a monitor.
  • CachedReportSource - A report's watermark disappears if the report is exported or previewed on a machine that has no Verdana font installed.
  • Document Viewer - The Print button hangs when used in th-TH culture.
  • Microsoft Entity Framework Data Source Wizard - "Cannot connect to the database" error occurs in Microsoft Visual Studio after selecting...

Released: Aug 5, 2021

Atualizações na 21.1.5


All WinForms products

  • Microsoft .NET 5 WinForms designer - It is not possible to drag bars within BarDockControl.
  • A custom aggregate (ICustomAggregate) cannot access values from a collection defined via the Expression.
  • A data source for controls in a sub-band does not change if a report data source is changed at runtime.
  • Colorizing odd/even rows has changed since upgrading from v20.1 to v21.1.
  • GridControl - IndexOutOfRange exception occurs when exporting a filtered GridView.
  • Hierarchy...

Released: Jun 24, 2021

Atualizações na 21.1.4


All WinForms products

  • Changes made to static XRRichText are lost upon opening a localizable report.
  • Complex Grouping in Reports - The NullReference exception occurs at DevExpress.XtraPrinting.Native.HeaderFriendsHelper.CollectFriends.
  • End-User Report Designer: The XRChart FilterString Editor appears behind the Series Collection Editor.
  • Expression Editor - Real field names are shown instead of display names.
  • How to apply localization to data-bound controls in the Report Header band...

Released: May 26, 2021

Atualizações na 21.1


New MongoDB Data Source

  • The Data Source Configuration Wizard allows you to connect and retrieve data from a MongoDB database. The MongoDB data source allows you to select the desired database name, document collection name and define the appropriate server-side filtering clause.

Data Grid

  • Search Boxes within Column Headers
    • Column headers can now display search boxes. Users can click a search icon and enter filter criteria within column headers.
  • TileView - Conditional Formatting...

Released: Apr 29, 2021

Atualizações na 20.2.7


All WinForms products

  • A custom type converter no longer generates the appropriate output format after an update.
  • Export to DOCX - The "Header or footer not finished yet" error is thrown on exporting a report in Table Mode.
  • Memory leaks in the Linux environment on executing reports with scripts.
  • Report Designer - NullReferenceException is thrown on disposing of the Group And Sort panel in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • ThemedMessageBox does not allow navigating between buttons when it is...

Released: Mar 18, 2021

Atualizações na 20.2.6


All WinForms products

  • An exported Microsoft Excel file is empty if the report service is used.
  • CriteriaToWhereClauseHelper - ParseException is thrown when a TimeSpan value is parsed via the GetDynamicLinqWhere method.
  • Data Source Wizard for .NET Core - An exception is thrown by the target of invocation (MySql).
  • Data Source Wizard for .NET Core - An exception is thrown by the target of invocation (Oracle).
  • Document Viewer - Report Controls are not anchored correctly when multi-column...

Released: Jan 21, 2021

Atualizações na 20.2.5


All WinForms products

  • GraphicsCache.CalcTextSize unable to calculate size for bold text.
  • Pivot Grid requires extra resources when exporting KPI images.

Data Access Library

  • ExpressionEditor - Some validation errors cannot be localized using ExpressionEditorLocalizer.
  • Query Builder - An application hangs on the SqlDataSource.ManageQueries method call.
  • Query Builder - CJK characters are not displayed on the diagram surface.

MVVM Framework

  • ISplashScreenService - Splash Form is shown in the...

Released: Dec 3, 2020

Atualizações na 20.2.4


All WinForms products

  • Data Library - The CriteriaOperator.ToString method returns a result that is incompatible with the Parse method if an operator contains a PositiveInfinity or NegativeInfinity value.
  • Editors don't increase their size in Touch UI mode in modern SVG skins on high DPI screens.
  • ListSourceDataController selects empty data when CriteriaOperator contains duplicate subexpressions along with the Concat function or the In operator in certain scenarios.
  • Serialization - The...

Released: Oct 27, 2020

Atualizações na 20.2.3


New Sankey Diagram Control

  • Sankey Diagrams display paths between nodes and associated quantities.
  • Typically used to visualize a flow from one set of values to another.
  • Features include:
    • Built-in Coloring Algorithms (palette-based and custom colorizers).
    • Custom Node Order.
    • Printing and Data Export.
    • Node and Link Highlighting.
    • Title Elements.
    • Tooltips.
    • Comprehensive API.
    • DevExpress Themes/Skins.

New Dental Clinic Demo App

  • DevExpress created a new demo (Dental Clinic). The objective...