Sobre o Enterprise Architect Systems Engineering Edition

Ferramentas poderosas para a engenharia de sistemas.

Designed for systems and software development, Enterprise Architect Systems Engineering Edition is aimed at systems and software development professionals. Work on real-time, embedded and systems solutions using UML, SysML, DDS and related technologies, this edition of Enterprise Architect has features and built in tools to help you and your team deliver the best solution possible.

Executable code generation for software and hardware platforms
Combining features like executable code generation from UML models (including support for hardware languages such as Verilog and VHDL), Ada, SysML 1.1, executable SysML Parametric diagrams and advanced scripting, Sparx Systems has put powerful model driven construction tools for the Systems Engineering domain within the reach of all team members.

Leverage UML 2.1, SysML 1.1, DDS and Architectural Frameworks
To complement these great features, Sparx Systems has also bundled licenses for a number of proven technologies and frameworks such as DoDAF-MODAF, SysML and DDS as well as integration products to tightly bind your code development in Eclipse or Visual Studio with the UML/SysML models developed in Enterprise Architect. 

Edition Features

  • Executable Code Generation - Support for generating functional source code for State Machines, Interactions and Activities in C, C++, C#, Java and VBNet.
  • Full round trip support for Hardware Description Languages, including Verilog, VHDL and SystemC, with support for generating State Machine code.
  • SysML Simulation Support - Includes support for simulating SysML 1.1 constraint models with results graphing capabilities.

Included MDG Technologies/MDG Frameworks
Leverage proven technologies and frameworks to structure and organize your complex development projects.

  • MDG Technology for SysML
  • MDG Technology for DDS
  • MDG Technology for UPDM

Included MDG Integration Tools
Tightly couple your UML models and your software development environment to maximize productivity and transparency. Keep developers, architects, testers, project managers and other team members in touch and on the same page.

  • MDG Integration for Visual Studio
  • MDG Link for Visual Studio
  • MDG Integration for Eclipse
  • MDG Link for Eclipse