Total Access Analyzer Características

Features of Total Access Analyzer

Winner of Every Best Access Add-In Award Since 1994

  • Discover why so many Microsoft Access users and developers consider Total Access Analyzer the world's premier Access database analysis program. Total Access Analyzer analyzes all your database objects to provide extensive documentation, cross-reference, application and flow diagrams, with 295 presentation-quality reports. It also detects over 100 types of errors, suggestions, and performance tips, so you can improve your applications

Total Access Analyzer Comprehensive Database Analysis

  • Total Access Analyzer performs detailed analysis of your Access database to generate complete documentation of all objects and code. It examines your entire database to reveal complex relationships among objects, hidden problems, and even unused objects. Take control of your databases by understanding how they work. Total Access Analyzer not only generates cross-references between your objects, it also creates diagrams of your application and data flow to show multi-level relationships. Great for getting up-to-speed on databases created by others

Total Access Analyzer: Create Better Access Applications

  • Total Access Analyzer helps you apply the 'Best Practices' principles of FMS. Perform the same analysis on your databases to see what you can improve. For instance, eliminate potential data loss with the field consistency analysis that ensures identically named fields across tables are defined consistently. Find forms with duplicate hotkey letters, reports without a NoData event, unused objects and code, procedures that should be private, and much more

Total Access Analyzer: Simplify Your Development Efforts

  • As your databases grow in complexity, they becomes harder and harder to understand. Total Access Analyzer generates the information you need to maintain control and efficiency. From simple table structure lists, to field dictionaries (for a field name, see every table it is defined), to property listings, object cross-reference, flow diagrams, and code printouts, Total Access Analyzer gives you the data and reports you need to manage your systems

Don't Ship Without Running It

  • Total Access Analyzer detects errors that can cause your application to crash. For instance, you may have a form that references a table or field that was renamed. That form will crash when your user opens it. Total Access Analyzer catches these errors before you ship. Think of the time and embarrassment you'll save! Discover why so many organizations run Total Access Analyzer as part of their final quality assurance check before deploying their databases