FormSuite for Invoices

FormSuite for Invoices is a semi-structured invoice processing SDK that automates the processing of invoice forms, data extraction and validation of scanned invoices. The SDK provides intelligent data recognition and extraction algorithms for Accounts Payable data entry automation. It processes the image of an invoice, searches for and extracts data such as Invoice Number, Invoice Date, and Total Due from the image. It also identifies and extracts line item data from tables found in the image of the invoice and builds FormTables from that data. During processing, a vendor is matched with the input invoice. Once an invoice has been processed and verified, a template of that invoice is created and saved. This template will be used in future runs to improve the accuracy of the field matching.

FormSuite for Invoices includes the following components:

  • FSInvoices
  • ImagXpress Professional
  • NotateXpress
  • PrintPro
  • TwainPRO
  • ThumbnailXpress

FormSuite for Invoices Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use APIs facilitate smooth, simple integration into applications.
  • Highly reliable OCR from Accusoft ensures accurate data capture.
  • Fields and data detected automatically: vendor, dates, amounts, and line items.
  • Intelligent algorithms “learn” from user validations to improve accuracy over time.

Invoice Processing...

Últimas Notícias

FormSuite for Invoices v2.x
FormSuite for Invoices v2.x
Melhora a acurácia de reconhecimento em campos e tabelas.
FormSuite for Invoices v1.3
FormSuite for Invoices v1.3
Incorpora técnicas de aprendizado de máquina no processo de reconhecimento de tabela.
FormSuite for Invoices released
FormSuite for Invoices released
Accelerate your invoice processing.

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One software license is required per machine. Run-time NOT royalty free. 'Client' and 'Server' are general industry terms that might be interpreted in different ways. Pegasus defines 'Client' machines...

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