Rapid SQL for Sybase

Rapid SQL helps developers and DBAs produce high performance SQL code quickly and efficiently. With support for Sybase, teams can standardize on one heterogeneous SQL IDE tool. A rich development environment simplifies SQL scripting, query building, object management, project management and version control in live databases or offline source code repositories. Rapid SQL provides a database IDE to manage database schema and create high-performing SQL code for multiple relational database platforms.

Rapid SQL, the latest generation of the Rapid SQL family of products, allows you to develop on the Sybase DBMS platform and includes Embarcadero AppWave, for centralized license management, tool provisioning, and zero-install deployment capability.

With Rapid SQL you get:

  • Go global with full Unicode character and enhanced currency support.
  • Three new object filtering capabilities.
  • On-the-fly SQL syntax alerts, semantic validation, and SQL parsing.
  • Full object look-up through-out the SQL statement...

Últimas Notícias

Rapid SQL 18.4
Rapid SQL 18.4
May 25, 2023Nova versão
Agora inclui controle de versão Git nativo.
Rapid SQL 18.3
Rapid SQL 18.3
December 14, 2022Nova versão
Melhora a segurança dos dados, a autenticação e a conectividade nativa.
Rapid SQL 18.2
Rapid SQL 18.2
July 21, 2022Nova versão
Adiciona suporte para Snowflake e DB2 LUW 11.5.
Rapid SQL for Sybase 18.1
Rapid SQL for Sybase 18.1
April 11, 2022Nova versão
Adiciona a capacidade de abrir vários arquivos da linha de comando.
Rapid SQL 17.1
Rapid SQL 17.1
October 19, 2020Nova versão
Adiciona suporte para o Microsoft Azure Active Directory.
Rapid SQL 17.0.4
Rapid SQL 17.0.4
August 29, 2019Nova versão
Adiciona suporte para bancos de dados Oracle 18c e 19c, PostgreSQL 11.2, Sybase 16.0 e SQL Server 2019.

Preços a partir de: $ 858.69

Licensing and Deployment Solutions: The Workstation option is perfect for individual users; while the network-based named and concurrent licensing options provide a flexible, cost-effective solution...

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Supported Database Platforms
  • Sybase ASE 16.0, 15.7
  • Sybase IQ 16.1, 16.0, 15.4

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