SQL Test Releases

Released: Oct 15, 2018

Atualizações na v3.1.0


  • Support for SSMS 18 added.

Released: May 22, 2018

Atualizações na v3.0


  • Added SQLCover code coverage.


  • Telemetry has been updated in accordance with Redgate Software's privacy policy.
  • Now respects the value of the "Trust server certificate" checkbox in SSMS.
  • Now displays a more informative error message if test coverage fails to start.
  • Fix for an installer bug.
  • Now displays test scripts correctly in SSMS 17.5.
  • Fixes an assembly conflict with SQL Prompt.

Released: Dec 5, 2017

Atualizações na v2.0.5


  • Bulk uninstaller improvements.
  • Fresh installs could cause other products such as SQL Doc to not start correctly, either with a missing assembly error (TBI-406) or "invalid addin" (TBI-408).
  • The product usage telemetry no longer writes to the event log repeatedly if it is unable to contact Redgate.
  • Installing tSQLt to a database no longer executes an ALTER DATABASE command when TRUSTWORTHY is already set to ON.

Released: Oct 30, 2017

Atualizações na v2.0.1


  • tSQLt framework now installs on SQL Server 2017.


  • Documentation menu item now opens the correct URL.

Released: Jun 12, 2017

Atualizações na 1.7


  • Now supports SSMS 2017.
  • Streamlined new update checking interface.


  • Improved SQL Toolbelt installer support.
  • Improved logging around detecting server versions.
  • SQT-493 - Copy to clipboard from messages now works again, even if you have unsaved queries.
  • SQT-494 - Attempting to create an example database without a server connection no longer causes SSMS to crash.

Released: Aug 29, 2016

Atualizações na 1.6


  • New login based licensing.
  • Added new context menu items Expand All / Collapse All to databases and test classes.
  • Links in test messages are now clickable.


  • Updated feature usage reporting library.
  • Latest UI components, uses a more legible font on the menu.
  • The SA dialog now occurs only once for (per interection) the following connection issues (SQT-384, SQT-439, SQT-388, SQT-445, SQT-449, SQT-393 and SQT-450).
  • Improved SSMS stability by reducing pre-cached optimization.
  • No...

Released: Nov 17, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 1.5


  • Updated to the latest version of tSQLt
  • Updated icons and splash screen
  • SSMS 2014 support
  • Latest tSQLt framework is included
    (Upgrading the tSQLt framework. You need to manually upgrade the framework for any databases you were using with SQL Test 1.0).
  • Additional SQLCop tests are included
  • You can now stop a running test
  • You can now rename test classes
  • Various UI improvements


  • SQT-464: Erroring and failing tests no longer show as passing with updated versions of tSQLt...