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SCM Anywhere Standalone

Integrated version control, issue tracking & build automation.

Publicado por Dynamsoft Corporation
Distribuído pela ComponentSource desde 2004


SCM Anywhere Standalone is no longer available for sale. Similar functionality is available in SourceAnywhere.

Sobre o SCM Anywhere Standalone

Integrated version control, issue tracking & build automation.

SCM Anywhere Standalone is a SQL-based software configuration management (SCM) solution with fully integrated version control, issue tracking and build automation. Designed for both centralized and distributed development teams, SCM Anywhere Standalone helps development teams deliver software products faster and promotes team collaboration through centralized control of source code files, team activities, work item status and bug reports.

SCM Anywhere Standalone Features

  • Version Control - Based on the widely used and proven SourceAnywhere 2, SCM Anywhere Standalone introduces many new version control features, such as Shelve/Unshelve, Project Branch & Merge, Local Pending Change.
  • Work Item and Bug/Issue Tracking - SCM Anywhere Standalone provides fully customizable and workflow driven bug / issue tracking. You can customize field, user form, workflow, email notification and security according to your team needs.
  • Visual Studio, Eclipse and MSSCCI Integration - SCM Anywhere Standalone fully integrates with Visual Studio 2005/2008 (screenshot) and Eclipse (screenshot). You can also use major version control features in Visual Studio 6, 2003, Delphi and many other IDEs that support MSSCCI.
  • Build Automation - SCM Anywhere Standalone integrates with CruiseControl.NET and ANT to provide continuous integration and automatic build support.
  • Cross Platform - Besides a native Windows client, SCM Anywhere Standalone provides a Java client which enables developers to access code repositories from any operating system that supports the J2SE Java runtime environment including Mac, Linux, and more.
  • Multiple Development Styles - SCM Anywhere Standalone supports Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) work style, Team Foundation work style and CVS/Subversion work style.
  • Effortless Migration from VSS - VSS Import Tool is provided to import Visual SourceSafe (VSS) data to SCM Anywhere Standalone repositories.
  • Fast and Secure Remote Access - SCM Anywhere Standalone is optimized for both local and web access. SSL can be used to secure the network layer. Password policy can be enforced to protect your password.

How does SCM Anywhere Standalone work? Dynamsoft SCM Anywhere Standalone uses Microsoft SQL Server as the backend. All the repository data is stored in SQL Server. SCM Anywhere Standalone Server needs to be installed in the same LAN or the same machine as the SQL Server. The SCM Anywhere Standalone server handles the requests from SCM Anywhere Standalone clients, and fetches the data from or stores the data into SQL Server.

 You can use the SCM Anywhere Standalone client of your choice to access your files. You can choose to use GUI client, IDE integration or command line client. SCM Anywhere Standalone supports Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Eclipse and MSSCCI integration. Cross-platform clients are available. SDK is provided for you to build your own client. Standard TCP/IP protocol is used to communicate between the server and the client. You can also specify the IP port number.