Sobre o SharePoint Classifier

Classifique, organize e compartilhe seus documentos.

SharePoint Classifier is a complete document management system for Microsoft SharePoint. It includes the following BoostSolutions products: Bulk Properties Editor, List Transfer, Bulk Zip & Unzip, Document Number Generator, List Advanced Filter and Item Audit Log. Boost Solutions SharePoint Classifier is compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

Organize - Structure and optimize your information, and make it easy to index and find.

  • Bulk Edit or Classify Documents
    Save time and effort by bulk editing the metadata of documents and items without having to modify them individually. Additional features include column mapping, preview, metadata reuse and more, features which empower users to quickly and accurately edit their metadata.
  • Bulk Check in Documents
    Users can bulk check in documents at one time when indexing multiple documents, including the option to choose major or minor version and add comments.
  • Bulk Approve/Reject Documents
    Instead of processing documents individually, Classifier helps users to approve documents or items at one time. Users can bulk approve/reject multiple documents with content approval features provided with SharePoint.
  • Bulk Copy/Move List Items and Documents
    Move documents, list items and folders between SharePoint lists or libraries. Item permissions, Version History, Attachments, Authors and Timestamps can be preserved during data migration. Virtual clipboard functions are supported during migration.
  • Auto Numbering
    Automatically generate unique numbers for documents according to a numbering scheme, making documents easy to identify and classify. Different schemes can be created to generate numbers for different content type.

Discover - Provides an effective method for users to find information in a list or library.

  • Filter Using Multiple Values
    Classifier provides a more effective method to filter information, compared with native SharePoint. This allows users to set up multiple complex filters to find specific information in a SharePoint list or document library.
  • Filter Any SharePoint Column
    End users can filter any SharePoint column that is available in any list or document library, including Text, Choice, Number, Lookup, Date and Time, People or Group and so on. Classifier even detects column types and provides corresponding UI elements for users to enter values easily.
  • Filter By Complex Criteria
    Classifier lets users use complex criteria to filter data in a list. Users can use comparison and logic operators to find what they want quickly and accurately. This is very helpful when you encounter a large list or when you just want to find specific information.
  • Reduce an IT Administrators’ Workload
    Unlike other filter web parts, Classifier does not require you to edit webpages or make complex configurations to use it. Each user has an individual configuration and unique filter panel that can be accessed anytime with just one click.

Share - Easily to share and send documents within your organization.

  • Bulk Tagging
    Classifier enhances the social tagging features introduced in SharePoint 2010 and allows users to bulk add tags or notes to documents, thus making content easier for people to find.
  • Zip & Unzip In Document Library
    With Classifier, zipping and unzipping inside SharePoint libraries couldn’t be easier; users can zip multiple documents and folders into a single file or unzip files inside SharePoint document library without installing additional software.
  • Import a ZIP File to Any Document Library
    Users can import zip files to SharePoint and all content within the zip file will be automatically extracted and stored in a specific document library. File upload time can be obviously reduced because of the high compression ratio of zip files.
  • Download as a Zip file
    Instead of downloading documents individually, users can package multiple documents and folders and download them as a zip file. Even better, all versions of the document will be included in the zip file.
  • Send Documents as Attachments
    Send any document as an email attachment without leaving a SharePoint library. With one click, your documents will be transferred to Outlook and attached to a new email message. All Microsoft Outlook versions (2003/2007/2010/2013) are supported.

Audit - Reporting usage, modifications and popularity of a library or document.

  • View Audit Logs at Item and List Level
    SharePoint has an audit feature to track actions, however only site administrators have enough permission to access it. But with SharePoint Classifier, any user who has proper permissions is able to view audit logs at item and list level.
  • Export Audit Logs
    With Classifier, users can export and save a document or library audit log as an Excel file for reporting, analysis or other purposes.
  • Filter Audit Details
    On the View Audit Log page, users can easily and quickly find the events according to a set criterion. After specifying the date range, user name or action type, events will be shown in a table. User also can export these events to an excel file.
  • Easy To View Audit
    After translating cryptic and proprietary logs, Classifier provides a clear and intuitive interface to make events easier to understand and more readable.