Stimulsoft BI Server

Stimulsoft BI Server is a complete Business Intelligence, client-server solution that provides reporting and analytics. The front end provides data visualization and the back end provides data processing and storing. Stimulsoft BI Server can work as a standalone report server as well as an embeddable solution. The software provides several report server features including creating and editing reports, storing them, scheduling and delivering them to the client.

Stimulsoft BI erver Features

  • Data conversion from popular data sources into multi-page documents with graphic elements and charts.
  • Create and edit reports using the built-in report designer.
  • Centralized storage of reports on the server.
  • Work with the files hosted in Cloud storage and data from Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Plan data processing using the built-in scheduler.
  • Notifications of server events related to data processing.
  • Support for Touch devices.
  • Support for multilingual reports and built-in UI...

Últimas Notícias

Stimulsoft 2022.4.1
Stimulsoft 2022.4.1
Adiciona gráficos 3D, códigos de barras GS1 e um novo componente de assinatura eletrônica.
Stimulsoft BI Server 2022.3.5
Stimulsoft BI Server 2022.3.5
Adiciona o comando 'Merge Dictionary' ao menu 'Actions' do dicionário de dados.
Stimulsoft Ultimate 2022.3.4
Stimulsoft Ultimate 2022.3.4
Adiciona a capacidade de navegar usando a tecla Tab em campos de relatório editáveis no visualizador.
Stimulsoft BI Server 2022.3.1
Stimulsoft BI Server 2022.3.1
Os mapas GIS adicionam a capacidade de especificar um servidor de provedor personalizado por URL.
Stimulsoft BI Server 2022.2.5
Stimulsoft BI Server 2022.2.5
Agora você pode adicionar várias séries aos gráficos “Pictorial Stacked” no editor de componentes.
Stimulsoft BI Server 2022.2.3
Stimulsoft BI Server 2022.2.3
Adiciona suporte para a interação aos gráficos de painel "Pictorial Stacked".

Preços a partir de: $ 1,959.95

Server licensing is based on the number of Creators. A Creator is a person who has an account on the server, connects to it from the client-side, registered there as a Creator, and uses Stimulsoft...

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  • IIS 6.0 or higher
  • .NET Framework 4.5 or higher

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