Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite Support

Software Updates
The Stylus Studio team makes periodic updates to Stylus Studio to correct errors, make enhancements, or improve performance. A software update is defined as a minor release to the current version of the product that results in a patch, bug fix, updated documentation, or improved performance.

If you are a registered Stylus Studio user, you are entitled to any and all updates to the version of Stylus Studio you have purchased. For example, if you purchased Stylus Studio 6, release 1, you will be able to download subsequent minor releases (e.g., Stylus Studio 6, release 2) for free.

Major Upgrade License A software upgrade is defined as a major change to Stylus Studio that substantially enhances the functionality of the product and/or results in a change to the version number of the product (e.g., Stylus Studio 5 to Stylus Studio 6). You are required to purchase an upgrade license in order to upgrade to a newer version of Stylus Studio. Only customers with support (Annual Upgrade Protect - AUP) that expired less than 1 year ago are entitled to buy Major Upgrade Licenses.

Optional Annual Upgrade Protection (AUP) coverage is offered that allows you to upgrade to any new version of Stylus Studio released during the coverage period without paying an additional upgrade license fee.

AUP coverage is for one year and must be renewed annually in order to stay in effect. Additional years of AUP can be purchased at anytime during the coverage period.