Sobre o TeamCity

Uma solução para gerenciamento contínuo de integração e construção.

TeamCity is a server-based Web application that allows Java and .NET development teams to continuously integrate changes to the code base, frequently run distributed builds and tests, check and improve code quality, all the while making efficient progress toward successful project completion. TeamCity includes many productivity plugins for IntelliJ IDEA, Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse, which improves team collaboration without breaking the established practices, by separating creative work from routine tasks. TeamCity automates over 600 Java code inspections, code coverage and duplicates search. TeamCity allows to administer build infrastructures of literally any size from a central Web interface.

Key Features

  • Continuous Integration & Testing - The delayed commit feature allows you to always keep builds working and the project code base clean. Developers' code modifications are submitted into version control only if all the tests pass. Failures are immediately reported and are visible online for the entire team
  • Efficient, Effective Build Management - Define and run different build types with different build configurations for any project, customize build triggers, for flexible management of the build process. The innovative Build Grid utilizes multiple computing resources of your network for maximum efficiency
  • Code Quality Maintenance - Highest code quality is maintained with server-side code analysis features (600+ Java code inspections, inherited from IntelliJ IDEA) and by searching for code duplicates and performing code coverage analysis. This also frees up developers' local computing resources
  • IDE-friendly Solution - Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and MS Visual Studio Integration. TeamCity comes with many plugins for Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, and IntelliJ IDEA, which provide all the productivity features right in the IDE
  • Web-based Interface & Project Dashboard - A late-model web browser is also enough to work with TeamCity, making you independent of IDEs or programming languages. The project dashboard helps all team members stay up-to-date on the status of current builds and provides effective and painless navigation through large amounts of test/build-related information