Sobre o WebStorm

IDE JavaScript e TypeScript.

WebStorm is an integrated development environment (IDE) by JetBrains. It includes everything you need for JavaScript and TypeScript development and lets you get straight to coding. WebStorm also makes it easy to tackle the most challenging tasks. Whether you’re resolving Git merge conflicts or renaming a symbol across multiple files, it takes just a few clicks.

WebStorm Features

  • Smart code editor - WebStorm understands your project structure deeply and can assist you with every aspect of coding. It will autocomplete your code, detect and suggest fixes for errors and redundancies, and help you refactor code safely.
  • Fast navigation and search - Move through your code faster, regardless of how large your projects are. Jump to the definition of any function, method, variable, component, or class, and find its usages with no effort at all. Look for files, classes, or symbols, and review all the matches in one place.
  • Integrated developer tools - Access all of your essential tools in one place. Debug and test your client-side and Node.js apps, and work with Git and GitHub. Additionally, package managers, build tools, linters, Prettier, and, of course, a terminal are all available within the IDE.
  • AI Assistant - Work faster with built-in AI features like code generation and context-aware smart chat. Let the IDE help you find the best way to refactor your code or generate commit messages and write documentation for you.
  • Collaborative and remote development - Code together in real time and talk to others right in your IDE. Work on a project located in a remote development environment, which can be hosted on your own machine or in cloud solutions, such as Google Cloud Workstations or GitHub Codespaces.
  • Customization - Make WebStorm your own with different themes, fonts, and keymaps. You can also add extra functionality with hundreds of plugins from our marketplace.