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BitRock makes open source software easier to use by providing a complete automated solution for Open Source Application Deployment. As long time open source users and contributors, BitRock believe that open source solutions are often more stable, more secure and perform better than their commercial counterparts. BitRock has developed a system to provide a single, consistent and simplified application deployment process across multiple operating system platforms. As a result, open source applications are easier to install, manage and support.

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InstallBuilder improves Installation Performance
Use the LZMA-ulta compression algorithm to make use of multiple CPU cores.
InstallBuilder improves Performance
New version adds new compression algorithm (LZMA-ultra) that allows higher compression speeds at runtime.
InstallBuilder V8.6 released
New version improves OS X system language detection.
InstallBuilder for Qt released
Cross-platform packaging tool specifically for Qt developers.
InstallBuilder V8.0 adds new debugger
Easily identify and correct issues during the development process.
InstallBuilder automates JRE bundling
InstallBuilder also includes built-in functionality for auto-detecting a Java runtime.