ER/Studio 2016 adds Business Data Objects (BDOs) support

Represent master data and transactional concepts with multiple entities and relationships.
2月 05, 2016 - 0:00

ER/Studio is a collaborative way for data modeling professionals to build and maintain Enterprise-scale databases and data warehouses. Built in facilities automate routine modeling tasks so users can analyze and optimize database and data warehouse designs faster than ever. With a server-side model management system and an online portal, it is a productive way to share, document and publish your data models and metadata to distributed teams.

The following editions are available:

Updates in 2016

  • Business Data Objects (BDOs) - Represent master data and transactional concepts with multiple entities and relationships, such as products, customers and vendors.
  • Automated Naming Standards - Associate naming standards templates for specific models, submodels and objects to help ensure consistency.
  • Teradata Support Enhancements - Added support for v15.10, plus temporal options, XML and JSON datatypes.
  • Platform Support for Azure - Added new native support for Microsoft Azure SQL databases.

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Sample diagram created using ER/Studio.

ER/Studio Data Architect for SQL Server



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