Devart 8月特价优惠

8月购买的任何 Devart 新许可证均享受 10% 折扣。
8月 02, 2018 - 16:05

Special Offer - Purchase a New License for any Devart product before 31-August 2018 and receive a 10% discount!

Devart provides advanced data access solutions for the Microsoft .NET Framework - ADO.NET data providers for native connectivity to Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers. They also offer native VCL/CLX components and dbExpress drivers for direct access to these technologies. During the month of August, they are offering Summer Savings on new licenses of all of their products.

  • Valid on all Devart product lines, including dbForge, dotConnect, dbExpress, and more.
  • New licenses only - Offer not valid for Renewals.
  • Offer ends on 31-August-2018, so act now to take advantage of these savings!
dotConnect for Oracle

dotConnect for Oracle

用于 Oracle 的 ADO.NET 提供程序,支持 ORM。


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