AH Formatter V6.6 MR5

将指定"创建日期"和"修改日期"的能力添加到 <axf:document-info> / HTML <meta>。
4月 26, 2019 - 10:46


  • Formatter is able to specify ‘createdate' and ‘modifydate' to <axf:document-info> / HTML <meta>.


  • XSL-FO:
    • Formatter would crash with axf:line-number and floats.
    • The keep-together in a row spanned cell overflowed.
    • The axf:word-break=”break-all” caused an overflow.
    • The letter-spacing.maximum affected the Arabic rendering.
    • Formatter would crash with the incorrect processing of U+200D.
  • CSS:
    • The list item marker appeared bolder than expected.
    • The background color of the row spanned cell was incorrect.
    • Negative letter spacing prevented ‘-ah-hyphenate-hyphenated-word: false' from working.
    • If -ah-assumed-page-number was not specified, a temporary area was secured with “0”. It has been corrected so that temporary formatting is done in anticipation of a 3-digit page number area in CSS.
    • Even if overflow: error-if-overflow; was specified, there would be no error message when an overflow occurred.
    • A sidenote was causing extra space to be added to the flowing text.
    • When encodeURI was specified in href, the processing of target-counter was incorrect.
  • Other
    • The axf:form-field with long field-value led to an invalid name.
    • There was missing content in CGM.
AH Formatter

AH Formatter

使用 CSS 或 XSL-FO 设置文件的打印和 PDF 格式。


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