Codejock Suite Pro v19.1.0

改进了命令栏、Docking 窗格和功能区控件。
11月 25, 2019 - 11:16


Command Bars

  • Setting control focus fixed
  • CXTPMiniToolBar high CPU usage while tracking fixed
  • The size of vector icons in tooltips fixed


  • Saving/loading window position using CXTPWindowPos made DPI independent
  • XTPExcelTabCtrl drawing and DPI support improved

Docking Pane

  • Out of range resource IDs fixed


  • Module instance handle argument added to CXTPImageManager::SetVectorIcon
  • Image list icons drawing support added to Image element
  • Markup color opacity handling fixed for pens, brushes and all other uses
  • Tail and duplicated Move commands handling in Path fixed
  • Missing Fill support added to Polyline
  • The parser made to use the latest available MSXML DOM object with peformance tuned settings
  • XAML parsing and loading performance improved
  • Loading of XAML files with prepended BOM fixed


  • Possibility to use more than one backstage in an application is added
  • Ribbon group incorrect vector icon drawing on quick access toolbar fixed

Skin Framework

  • Treatment of NULL as resource path in CXTPSkinManager::LoadSkin made backward compatible


  • Tab button text width calculation fixed

Task Panel

  • Right border fixed for various border and edge related window styles combinations


  • Windows XP compatibility issue fixed in trial version
  • FlowGraph: print preview fixed
  • SyntaxEdit: KeyUp/KeyDown events fixed
Codejock Suite Pro

Codejock Suite Pro



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