InstallShield Premier 2020 R2

捆绑您特定于体系结构的软件包,进行直接分销或上传到 Microsoft Store。
8月 19, 2020 - 14:42


  • MSIX Bundles - Now you can create MSIX Bundles using the new MSIX Bundle Utility. Add your architecture specific packages to the utility, provide signing information, and create an MSIX Bundle.
  • MSIX - Support for Services - Now you can create MSIX Packages with Services by a adding a new declaration to your package. Also, easily convert your existing services in Basic MSI project to MSIX Package.
  • MSIX Bundle or AppX Bundle Packages for Suite/Advanced UI Projects - In addition to the ability to create MSIX bundles, you can now add them to your Suite/Advanced UI projects and install along with any other packages.
MSIX Bundles

InstallShield Premier

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