InstallShield Premier 2021 R1

添加对 Cloud Builds(云构建)的支持,并添加创建 Windows 11 安装程序的功能。
9月 01, 2021 - 10:28


  • Support for Cloud Builds - Easily move your build infrastructure to the cloud by connecting to Revenera’s Cloud License Server.
  • Modern and Simple Installers - Build one-click installers that are more modern than ever and refreshingly simple.
  • Install packages from Microsoft Windows Package Manager - Configure pre-requisites to install third-party packages from Microsoft’s Windows Package Manager.
  • MSIX Updates - Create MSIX packages that check for updates using App-Installer.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 11 - InstallShield can now run and create installers for the latest Windows version.
InstallShield Premier

InstallShield Premier

创建强大的、可靠的 Windows 安装程序。


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