FastReport .NET Enterprise 2021.4.1

添加新的 Visual Studio 风格的图标和连接到 Elasticsearch(弹性搜索)的功能。
9月 08, 2021 - 9:51


  • Engine
    • Added the ability to connect to Elasticsearch.
    • Added support for a new barcode - Japanese PostNet.
    • Added Res.LoadLocale (CultureInfo) method, which changes the selected locale.
    • Optimized and unified RichText to report object converter.
  • Designer
    • Improved display of DB field names in designer.
    • Added collapse all/expand all button and search field in Report tree and Data tree.
    • Added new icons. Use the designer's "View|Options|User interface" dialog to switch between icon packs.
  • Exports
    • Added new option when exporting to Microsoft Word 2007 "Do not add section breaks on page breaks". By default, both page breaks and section breaks have been added.
  • WebReport
    • Added support for Blazor components for FastReport.Core3.Web packages.
    • Added background-color support for dialogs in WebReport.
    • Added support for Enabled property for dialogs in WebReport.
    • Added support for MaxLength property for the TextBox dialog component in WebReport.
    • Optimized loading of localization for Toolbar.
  • Microsoft .NET Core
    • Added support for Single File Applications.
    • Updated dependencies for FastReport.Compat and FastReport.DataVisualization. FastReport.Compat now correctly detects the possibility of using the WinForms API. FastReport.DataVisualization now has no dependency on System.Data.SqlClient and System.Drawing.Common.
  • WebReport Core
    • Added XML comments (DocumentationFile) to Web libraries.
    • Added a property to disable showing the toolbar on the dialog page of the report: webReport.Toolbar.ShowOnDialogPage.
    • Added more exports to the toolbar dropdown menu. These properties are available in webReport.Toolbar.Exports.
    • Added the ability to customize the toolbar: Position, color of the drop-down menu, font, transparency of icons, change the color of icons, change the position of content. These properties are available in webReport.Toolbar.
    • Dialog DateTimePicker for WebReport has been improved. In DateTimePicker.Format.Time mode, it displays only the time, in DateTimePicker.Format.Short mode - only the date, DateTimePicker.Format.Long - both date and time.
  • Extras
    • Added package 'FastReport.Localization', which includes FastReport localization files in your project for working with different languages.
    • Added FastReport Business Graphics integration objects.
  • Plugins
    • Packages with plugin-connectors FastReport.Data.** have been updated. Now they include plugins for different FastReport editions (.NET, Core, CoreWin, OpenSource) and automatically include the necessary library, depending on the product used.
FastReport .NET Enterprise

FastReport .NET Enterprise



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