AH CSS Formatter Standard V7.2 R1

添加对 AWS Graviton2(Amazon Web Services Linux 2 Graviton2)和 Apple Mac M1 的支持。
9月 20, 2021 - 12:34


  • Supported Systems:
    • AWS Graviton2 (Amazon Web Services Linux 2 Graviton2) and Apple Mac M1 have been added to the supported systems.
  • Formatting Features:
    • axf:float-y / CSS -ah-float-y has been extended. The anchor value is now available.
    • Added the ability to adjust the spacing on the last line.
  • CSS Only:
    • Added the ability to specify whether to delete the same footnote on the same page in CSS.
    • Compound names such as XSL leader-length.minimum are now available in CSS.
    • Added the ability to specify whether to match pseudo-classes such as first-child or only-of-type to the root element.
    • The value of Media types has been extended.
    • The CSS @page has been enhanced.
    • The :nth() page selector can now be specified.
    • The priority of the page selector in AH Formatter V7.2 is now clarified.
    • The Cascading Order of CSS in AH Formatter V7.2 is now clarified.
    • Changes in CSS interpretation has been updated.
    • The handling of <link> in HTML has now been improved.
  • PDF:
    • The expansion text can now be specified for tags in Tagged PDF.
    • When outputting a tagged PDF, it is now possible to specify whether to set alternate text for tags descended from tags that have alternate text setting.
    • The language can now be specified for each PDF output in separate volumes.
  • Images:
    • In SVG, when fill in the root element is omitted, the value of color specified in the upper XML can now be inherited.
  • Hyphenation:
    • The value of axf:hyphenate-caps-word / CSS -ah-hyphenate-caps-word has been extended.
    • The processing of words containing SOFT HYPHEN (U+00AD) is now clarified.
  • Interface:
    • Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 is now available for .NET interface.
  • GUI:
    • Bookmarks can now be displayed in GUI.
  • Other:
    • The dpcm unit is now available.
AH CSS Formatter Standard

AH CSS Formatter Standard

高速格式化 XML/CSS 文档/数据/表格。


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