Oxygen XML Web Author V24.0

10月 19, 2021 - 14:16


Merge Tool

  • New Merge Tool for Resolving Conflicts - A new visual Merge Tool has been integrated into the commit workflow for organizations that have the Web Author integrated with a Git repository. It can be used to resolve conflicts when multiple users commit changes simultaneously. Features include:
    • Shows incoming changes, outgoing changes, and conflicts as a visual representation of the differences between two commits.
    • Users can resolve conflicts by editing the local version of the document using contextual menu actions, toolbar actions, or keyboard shortcuts directly within the Merge tool.
    • Differences are automatically recomputed after changes are made.
  • Merge Tool API for CMS Integrations - The new Merge Tool that can be used to visualize and resolve conflicts during a commit is also offered as a plugin for CMS integrations. Note that the Merge Tool requires a separate license when used with the Web Author Component (e.g. integrated in a CMS).

User Interface Improvements

  • Re-designed Web Author Interface - The user interface has been re-designed with the following goals in mind:
    • To achieve an overall more modern look and feel.
    • To give the side-panes more vertical space (especially helpful if many side-panes are present).
    • To offer better blending when the Web Author is embedded in another application.
    • To improve some of the components, such as dialog boxes, toolbar buttons, menus, and side-panes.

Concurrent Editing

  • Concurrent Editing Feature Bundled with Installers - The new Concurrent Editing feature has progressed through the BETA testing stages and is now bundled with the Oxygen XML Web Author installers.
  • Concurrent Editing Optimizations - The Concurrent Editing feature now uses advanced algorithms and data structures to synchronize changes between users in real-time.

Customization and Integration

  • Problem Reports Can be Redirected to Your Own URL - When users report a problem they encounter while using the Web Author, the problem reports are normally sent to an HTTP endpoint on http://oxygenxml.com. It is now possible to set the value of the com.oxygenxml.report.problems.url custom system property to a URL on your own server and problem reports will be posted to that URL. This is especially helpful if the Web Author is embedded in another application (such as a CMS).
  • Simplify Sharing Data Between Java Classes - A dependency injection mechanism has been implemented for Java classes in plugins to simplify sharing data between different implementation classes.
  • EXF Files Now Supported When Uploading Frameworks - Frameworks that are developed using framework extension files (with the .exf extension) can now be uploaded from the Administration page and the Web Author will compile them on the fly.
  • Custom Side-Panes Support Icons - When implementing a custom side-pane, you can now configure an icon to be displayed in the side-pane's stripe. For backward compatibility, an icon is automatically generated based upon the first letter in the name of the side-pane.


  • Protection Against XXE Vulnerabilities - Along with the existing Security Manager, a set of features have been added to help protect against XXE attacks. Any external system entity with an absolute URL is now blocked by default.
  • Other Security Improvements - Other security improvements have been added. Support for TLS 1.1 has been disabled to provide more security.


  • Control Change Tracking Colors - A new option has been added in the Preferences dialog box for controlling the colors of tracked changes. You can choose to have insertions shown in green while deletions are shown in red for all authors, or you can choose to show a different color for each author.


  • Control the Initial State of Change Tracking - The sync.api.change_tracking.ChangeTrackingInitialState JavaScript API has been added for setting the initial state for the change tracking feature.
  • Control the Save Strategy for Documents in Concurrent Editing Sessions - The save strategy that Web Author uses when saving documents in a concurrent editing session can now be specified using the ro.sync.ecss.extensions.api.webapp.ce.RoomFactory.createRoom(AuthorDocumentModel, SaveStrategy) API.

Component Update

  • Updated Apache Tomcat that is distributed with the installation kits to version 9.0.53.
  • Updated the Apache Shiro library to version 1.8.0.
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