Infragistics Ignite UI for Angular 14.0.0

添加对 Angular 14 的支持以及新的数据网格排序选项:单个或多个。
6月 16, 2022 - 16:16


  • Added support for Angular 14.
  • Angular Data Grid
    • Added a new Angular Data Grid Sorting option: single and multiple - The sortingOption property allows you to set either single or multiple sorting mode. When single mode is enabled you can sort one column at a time. The default value of the property is multiple. Sorting and grouping expressions are now working separately. If grouping and sorting expressions are in a conflict, grouping expressions take precedence.
  • Angular Slider
    • Added support for double value binding - The Ignite UI for Angular Slider is a form component which allows selection in a given range by moving a thumb along a track. The track can be defined as continuous or stepped and the slider can be configured so users can choose between single value and range (lower and upper value) slider types.
  • Angular Drag and Drop
    • Added support for window scroll when dragging an element to its edges - Added the new scrollContainer property that can specify specific the element that should be scrolled instead of window for custom solutions.
Data Grid Sorting options.

Infragistics Ignite UI for Angular

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