Heimdall Database Proxy v22.06.20.1

添加 Amazon Redshift 为新代理类型。
6月 21, 2022


  • Added Amazon Redshift as new proxy type.
  • Added Amazon Redshift driver in new baseline configuration.
  • Adjusted how Cloudwatch metrics are generated, putting them in the “Heimdall-proxy” category, and making them multi-dimensional metrics, allowing for easier generation of dashboards on autoscaling groups.
  • Added support for auto-detection of Postgres sequence handling that can impact caching, disabling caching and read/write split when used in a query.
  • Updated AWS SDK version.
  • Improved ${host} handling for SaaS deployments, allowing SQL authentication to drive what cluster a given user should be served from dynamically.
  • Adjusted default PostgreSQL sslmode to prefer.
  • Documentation updates.
Heimdall Database Proxy

Heimdall Database Proxy

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