Heimdall Database Proxy v23.01.03.1

1月 5, 2023


  • Added more tests.
  • Now includes per-user pool statistics in JMX.
  • Allow PostgreSQL warnings, generated before a result-set, to be reported in real-time.
  • Improved table name extraction, in particular with joins followed by a “(” character.
  • Added support for Oracle Cloud default passwords and license handling.
  • You can now log info on which TLS cert is used at proxy level to assist with debugging.
  • Provided metrics for concurrency controls.
  • Added statistics for read/write split to JMX.
  • Updated libraries for Redis 7 support.
  • Added the ability to adjust the timing of service start.
  • Added the ability to restart local proxy if the vdb name, or access/secret keys change.
  • Improved connection behavior on various fatal connection conditions.
  • Added generic threshold matching.
  • You can now allow '${connid}' for rule replacement, to support per-connection throttling.
  • You can now adjust LDAP authentication to require a group to be extracted if a group filter is provided.
  • You can now allow username and password to be overwritten in SQL authentication, so front-side and DB side credentials don’t have to match.
  • Improved search path handling with multiplexing enabled.
  • Enabled TLS certificate debugging on the proxy, to print important fields about the certificate used.
Heimdall Database Proxy

Heimdall Database Proxy

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