PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.72.17474

March 14, 2023


  • Inlay Hints
    • Sometimes it is not clear what function arguments are used for. Inlay hints have been added that annotate function parameters, inferred function return type, by-ref semantics to arguments and expression types.
  • Short Open Tags Option
    • You can now force the PHP Editor to treat short open tags differently.
  • Code Actions
    • Several quick refactorings have been added.
    • Assignments can now be simplified with ??=, +=, *=, etc.
    • You can now transform expressions to the new nullable object operator ?->.
    • Assignment using 'if' conditions can now be simplified.
    • Hard-to-read switch blocks can now be simplified with the new match expression.
  • Doc Comments
    • PHP Documentary Comments have been improved. In addition to more code diagnostics, the editor now understands the wide range of Psalm and PHPStan type annotations.
    • Type names specified in Doc Comments can now specify templates and generic types, callable specifications, structured arrays, literals, and more.
    • The triple dot syntax ... is now allowed within the @param tag, and the @param-out tag is now recognized.
  • New Diagnostics
    • Added checks for use of readonly properties.
    • Assignment to non-existing properties is now checked.
    • You can now check for use of an unknown attribute class.
    • You can now check that class used within the throw expression is throwable.
  • Other Editor and IntelliSense Improvements
    • Facades from traits are now recognized.
    • Improved precision type inference for some built-in functions.
    • Improved precision analysis of match arms.
    • Improved completion of properties after ?->.
    • Updated integrated PHP manual.
    • 'Go To Def' now prefers declarations in the same file. It avoids showing the unnecessary list of all functions.
    • You can now comment/uncomment block (/* ... */) instead of line comment (//).
PHP Tools for Visual Studio

PHP Tools for Visual Studio

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