Heimdall Database Proxy v23.06.02.1

改进了中央管理器使用的身份验证系统,并添加对 Google AlloyDB 的支持。
6月 6, 2023


  • Added support for LDAP authentication in the GUI, as well as a general overhaul of the authentication system used by the central manager.
  • Added an option to upload logs directly to a write-only S3 bucket for Heimdall support.
  • Explicit support for Google AlloyDB is now included, including cluster tracking support.
  • Removed the ability to limit logins from particular IP ranges from the user objects, as firewall rules were typically used for this.
  • Improved the filters for various log types on the log tab.
  • User count tracking is now included in the "show pools" command (the result will be in the logs).
  • Added the option to delete unused certificates.
  • Added the option to enable token authentication to the HTTP health check port, to avoid data leakage.
Heimdall Database Proxy

Heimdall Database Proxy

无须改变应用将数据库扩展最高达 20 倍。


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