Advanced Installer 20.8

添加对直接从 Visual Studio 发布 .NET AOT 项目的支持。
6月 30, 2023


  • Advanced Installer Microsoft Visual Studio Extension: Added support for publishing .NET AOT projects directly from Visual Studio.
  • Added CLI support for the 'Updates Targets' section of the updates configuration project.
  • Date and time column is now included in the "Recent Project" list from Start Page.
  • Updated the install conditions for the "WebView2" prerequisite.
  • Added padding for the checkboxes in the "OptionalFeatsDlg" dialog.
  • App Installer theme updates: Optimized the way properties are managed during runtime, placed additional dialogs under an optional custom install mode.
Advanced Installer Architect

Advanced Installer Architect

一种用于安全、稳定、可靠地安装、更新和配置您产品的 Windows 安装程序创作工具。


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