Aspose.Words for C++ V23.7

添加将文档页面或形状保存为 EPS 格式的功能。
7月 28, 2023


  • Added the ability to save document page or shapes to EPS format.
  • Retrieve digital signature value from a digitally signed document as a byte array.
  • Row and Cell classes have been extended with new public members.
  • Mustache tags are now supported in 'MailMerge.GetRegionsHierarchy' and 'MailMerge.GetFieldNamesForRegion' methods.
  • You can now preserve table column width in a landscape section's header during DOCM to PDF conversion.
Aspose.Words for C++

Aspose.Words for C++

开发带有创建或编辑 Word 文档功能的高性能应用程序。


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