Syncfusion Essential Studio WinUI 2023 Volume 3

9月 15, 2023


  • Shimmer (New)
    • The WinUI Shimmer control is used to increase an application's responsiveness by displaying a shimmer effect while the content is loading or processing in the background. Key features:
      • Seven built-in shimmer types.
      • Support to create custom shimmer types.
      • Customizable options such as fill, wave color, wave width, animation duration, and repeat count.
  • AutoComplete
    • NoResultsFound template support - Added the ability for users to display text indicating there are no search results found.
  • Ribbon (Preview)
    • Quick access toolbar (QAT) - Users can now render a set of ribbon items that are commonly used in applications at the top-left corner of a window to make them more accessible. Users can also choose to place the QAT above or below the Ribbon.
    • Screen tip support - Screen tips display a pop-up window when the pointer hovers over a ribbon item. It provides helpful details about the function of the ribbon item, making it easier for users to understand its purpose.
  • PDF Library
    • Digital signature enhancement - The following enhancements have been made to the digital signature functionality of the PDF Library:
      • An API to get the OCSP/CRL details from the embedded timestamp.
      • Extract images from the digital signature in the PDF document.
    • Text-only redaction - Users can now selectively redact text within a PDF document. This means that graphics or images beneath the text will remain unaffected by redaction.
    • Remove document information - Users now have the option to effortlessly eliminate document details like title, author, subject, keywords, and other metadata information.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Library
    • Convert PowerPoint animations to images - The .NET PowerPoint library now allows you to convert PowerPoint slides into images based on the sequence of entrance animations applied to each element in the slide. With this, you can showcase the converted images as a slideshow in your custom PowerPoint Viewer.
  • Microsoft Word Library
    • Compare Word documents - The Syncfusion .NET Word Library now allows you to compare two DOCX-format documents and highlight the changes, such as insertions, deletions, and formatting, as tracked changes. With this feature, you can easily identify the changes between two versions of a document.
  • Microsoft Excel Library
    • What-If Analysis with Scenario Manager - The Excel (XlsIO) library now supports the scenario manager in what-if analysis. This allows you to create scenarios with different sets of values for specific cells in the worksheet, and then apply those scenarios to see how the results change. Users can do the following using the scenario manager:
      • Create scenarios with different sets of values and apply them to view the forecast results.
      • Protect or hide the scenarios to prevent users from changing them.
    • Threaded comments - The Excel (XlsIO) library now supports threaded comments, allowing multiple users to add comments or reply to the existing comments in an Excel document.
    • Excel to PDF enhancements - The following enhancements have been made in the Excel to PDF conversion.
      • Gradient fill support in the data bar type conditional formatting.
      • Support for converting threaded comments.
    • Excel to image enhancement - The Excel (XlsIO) library now supports auto shapes during the Excel to image conversion. All the supported shapes in XlsIO will be preserved in the converted image.
Syncfusion Essential Studio WinUI

Syncfusion Essential Studio WinUI

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