Add-in Express for IE updated

10月 02, 2014 - 11:22

Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and Microsoft .net helps you create secure, thread-safe add-ons for Internet Explorer (IE). It integrates all IE extensibility features in one solution and includes fluid interaction with Internet Explorer objects. Use visual designers to customize menus, toolbars, side-bars, objects and keyboard shortcuts. Add-in Express is written in C#, and directly supports VB.NET, C# and C++.NET.

Updates in 9.2.6123

  • Added AlwaysEnabled property to the ADXIEBarModule, ADXIEToolbarModule and ADXIEModule classes.
  • Added IsNetworkDeployed, IsUpdatable, CheckForUpdates and LaunchUpdates methods to the ADXIEBrokerModule class.
  • Added DataMimeTypeAvailable value to the ADXIEDataAvailableEventArgs.ADXIEReportDataState enumeration.
  • Added ContentType property to the ADXIEDataAvailableEventArgs class.
  • Added IsFileInUse, IsProductInUse and GetRunningHostApplications methods to the ADXClickTwiceBeforeUninstallEventArgs class.
  • Support for project output groups in newly created WiX setup projects.
  • ClickTwice downloader was rewritten using unmanaged code to be independent on the .NET Framework.

About Add-in Express

Add-in Express has a history of leadership in the Microsoft Office integration industry as a pioneer of tools and solutions based on Microsoft Office. The company has been working in the development tools and components market since 1998. The products are distributed and used worldwide by tens of thousands of developers including most Fortune 500 companies.

Integrate add-ons with Internet Explorer.


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