FastReport VCL Ultimate Edition

FastReport VCL Ultimate Edition is a VCL component set for generating reports and documents. It provides a visual templates designer, access to the popular data sources, a reporting engine, preview, export filters to 30+ formats and deployment to Cloud, web, email or print. FastReport VCL Ultimate Edition also includes FastReport FMX, FastCube VCL and FastCube FMX.

Fast and reliable engine for report production

  • Band-oriented report generator. A wide range of band types allows the creation of any kind of report.
  • Code-based reports.
  • Multi-page and multi-template reports.
  • Expressions post processing.
  • Cross-tabs allows creation of tabular reports with complex row and column headers from a single dataset, either a table or a query.
  • Interactive reports.

Report designer

  • Powerful modern editor which includes a large set of tools for visually designing and...


FastReport VCL 2023.1
FastReport VCL 2023.1
添加对导出带有数字签名的报表的支持,并改进了 Lazarus 兼容性。
FastReport VCL 2022.3
FastReport VCL 2022.3
添加对 PDF 对象旋转的支持,并改进了 Embarcadero RAD Studio的兼容性。
FastReport VCL 2022.2.8
FastReport VCL 2022.2.8
交互式 PDF 表单现在可以包含组合框和列表框对象。
FastReport VCL Ultimate Edition 2022.2
FastReport VCL Ultimate Edition 2022.2
FastReport VCL Ultimate Edition 2022
FastReport VCL Ultimate Edition 2022
添加在导出为 PDF 时对多个数字签名的支持。
FastReport VCL Ultimate Edition 2021.3
FastReport VCL Ultimate Edition 2021.3
添加对 Embarcadero RAD Studio 11 的支持,并添加 PDF 导出期间数字签名过程的日志记录。

价格从: $ 979.02

One software license is required per named user。 Run-time royalty free。 Single Named User License - Licenses an individual named user。 Team License - Licenses up to 4 Named Users within the same...


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jaco jaco 日本5 星

製品名からFastReport VCLのみかと思いきや、Fast Report VCL + FastReport FMX + FastCube VCL + FastCube FMX の統合製品。 価格も抑えられ、それぞれランタイムライセンスフリー。 レポートツールとしても、使いやすく、PDF出力(PW保護可)、Excelエクスポートも充実。 英語版ですが... 阅读更多