Rider 新版本发表

Released: Jun 24, 2024

2024.1.4 中的更新


  • No more deadlocks in solutions with .editorconfig files.
  • Rider doesn't lose Blueprint usages in Unreal Engine solutions if changes are made to Blueprints.

Released: Jun 10, 2024

2024.1.3 中的更新


  • New inspection for unawaited calls to PartialAsync in Razor - When developing Razor views, it is common to overlook async method calls that require the await keyword. While your code may compile, forgetting the await keyword means ASP.NET will not execute the view and will not write the intended HTML to the response. Rider will now warn you when a PartialAsync call is missing an await, helping you side-step the frustrating issue of broken view rendering.
  • Updated Roslyn support for .NET SDK...

Released: May 7, 2024

2024.1.2 中的更新


  • Enhanced navigation between ASP.NET MVC views and controllers.
  • New @rendermode directive argument inspections
    • New inspections in Rider are designed to enforce the use of static members and correctly formed expressions with the @rendermode directive.
      • It is surprisingly easy to inadvertently introduce mistakes in how render modes are specified. For example, a developer might mistakenly pass a dynamic or instance-based expression that does not resolve to a static IComponentRenderMode. This...

Released: Apr 17, 2024

2024.1.1 中的更新


  • The memory leak that caused Rider 2024.1 to freeze and underperform has been eliminated.
  • There are no more crashes on startup after updating to Rider 2024.1.
  • File templates and other IDE settings are now preserved after updating to the latest version of Rider.
  • Find in Files now works as intended when performing searches throughout the entire solution.
  • Rider is now once again able to run and debug local Azure functions with custom values specified in local.settings.json.
  • The Contact Support...

Released: Apr 9, 2024

2024.1 中的更新


Key Updates

  • New Monitoring tool window - This release sees the introduction of the Monitoring tool window that lets you monitor your application's performance and gather key metrics in the background while running or debugging.
  • Sticky lines - Introduced sticky lines to the editor to simplify working with large files and exploring new codebases. This feature keeps key structural elements, like the beginnings of classes or methods, pinned to the top of the editor as you scroll. This way, scopes...

Released: Mar 12, 2024

2023.3.4 中的更新


  • EAP build expired error using JetBrains Gateway on Version: 2023.3.3 Build: 233.14015.60.
  • Remote Development - Cannot launch project in 2023.3.3: EAP build expired.
  • Syntax Coloring stops working (.net-regression).
  • Build not triggered when attempting to run unit tests with uncompilable code (.net-regression).
  • Rider 2023.3.x - Cannot run/debug Xamarin.Mac Apple macOS project (.net-regression).
  • StyleCop - not respecting ruleset (.net-regression).
  • Rider specific frontend plugins not loaded in...

Released: Jan 22, 2024

2023.3.3 中的更新


  • MAUI projects can once again be deployed to physical iOS devices.
  • The Export to file action works correctly for type dependency diagrams.
  • Text in the Editor window no longer freezes when being scrolled.
  • Xamarin.Android Designer now works as intended.
  • Rename works correctly for references between files in Rider 2023.3.
  • Abbreviations are no longer falsely flagged as spelling mistakes.
  • String length checks for Entity Framework entities no longer generate incorrect hints when MaxLength is set...

Released: Dec 20, 2023

2023.3.2 中的更新


  • The IDE is once again able to debug .NET MAUI 8 applications.
  • Rider can run, debug, and locally deploy to an IIS server.
  • Code highlighting no longer goes out of view when typing or pasting code in Unreal Engine solutions.
  • Rider no longer freezes when Refresh Unity Assets is initiated.
  • Self-contained deployment once again works as intended.
  • The Commit window no longer gets stuck when the cleanup option is activated.
  • The Backspace key no longer malfunctions when trying to erase text in some...

Released: Dec 12, 2023

2023.3.1 中的更新


  • Added the opportunity to check the access status for users with corporate IDE licenses from the AI Assistant tool window.


  • MAUI and Avalonia applications can once again be deployed to physical iOS devices.
  • Resolved the AI Assistant icon duplication issue when using multiline code completion.
  • The "Packages with Vulnerabilities Detected" notification now displays as and when intended.
  • Code analysis in SQL files works correctly again.
  • Breakpoints in catch blocks no longer fail when the...

Released: Dec 6, 2023

2023.3 中的更新


Key updates

  • AI Assistant is out of preview [General Availability]
    • JetBrains AI Assistant is now generally available with a number of new and improved features to increase your productivity in JetBrains IDEs. The latest set of improvements for Rider includes:
      • Context-aware AI chat.
      • Better project awareness for AI Actions.
      • Multi-line code completion.
      • In-editor code generation.
      • Unit test generation.
      • Documentation generation.
      • Diff view for AI-suggested refactorings.
      • Ability to create a library of...