Organigramme in React erstellen

Oktober 31, 2023
KendoReact v6 R3 2023 fügt eine neue OrgChart-UI-Komponente hinzu, mit der Sie baumartige Organisationsstrukturen mit Leichtigkeit entwerfen können.

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KendoReact by Telerik is a professional UI kit of more than 120 responsive and customizable native UI and DataViz components for React developers. Designed to save time building powerful high performance React apps, it helps ensure a modern, consistent look-and-feel across your app's UI.

KendoReact v6, part of the R3 2023 release, adds a new OrgChart component which provides a tree-like view where users can edit items, change their parents, and group nodes within a user-friendly, organizational structure. It supports lazy loading to load child items on demand, local and remote data binding, and allows users to expand or collapse branches, as well as customize the width, height, title height, group title, spacing, and general appearance of nodes. OrgChart also includes templates, enabling the customization of individual item metadata, plus support for keyboard navigation.

To see a full list of what’s new in R3 2023 (v6.0.0), see our release notes.

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