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Telerik DevCraft UI provides .NET and JavaScript technologies to deliver outstanding UI with a broad array of styling and customization. Telerik DevCraft UI is for developers who build .NET and JavaScript apps and need sleek, fast and consistent UI across all web, desktop and mobile platforms. It comes with Lite Support, ideal for apps in a non-production environment without deadlines.

Telerik DevCraft UI includes 11 products:

  • Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX - Create responsive and adaptive web apps for any browser and device with the most fully-featured ASP.NET AJAX suite on the market.
  • Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC - Build rich and responsive apps with UI for ASP.NET MVC. This complete suite packs 70+ lightweight extensions powered by Kendo UI, and contains everything you need to build modern HTML5 sites and applications.
  • Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core - Cut development time while...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Telerik UI for Blazor 1.7.0
Telerik UI for Blazor 1.7.0
Integriert die Kompatibilität für .NET Core 3 Preview 9.
Telerik UI for Blazor 1.6.0
Telerik UI for Blazor 1.6.0
Enthält das neue Menü, die TimePicker-Komponente sowie die Rastergruppierung und -auswahl.
Telerik UI for Blazor 1.5.0
Telerik UI for Blazor 1.5.0
Integriert die Kompatibilität mit .NET Core 3 Preview 8.
Telerik UI for Xamarin R2 2019 SP2
Telerik UI for Xamarin R2 2019 SP2
Integriert neue Kalender- und CheckBox-Funktionen zusammen mit dem Xamarin.Forms 4.1-Update.
Telerik UI for Blazor 1.4.0
Telerik UI for Blazor 1.4.0
Integriert die Kompatibilität mit .NET Core 3 Preview 7.
Telerik UI for Xamarin R2 2019 SP1 (2019.2.708.360)
Telerik UI for Xamarin R2 2019 SP1 (2019.2.708.360)
Calendar integriert Funktionen zum Abrollen bis zu einer spezifischen Zeit über die ScrollTimeIntoView-Methode im DayView-Modus.

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One software license is required per developer. Run time royalty free. Licensed Developers may install the Software on multiple machines, so long as the Software is not being used simultaneously for...

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