Telerik Test Studio Ultimate

Telerik Test Studio is an end-to-end test automation tool for Web and desktop applications, supporting functional UI, RESTful API, and load/performance testing. Whether you go codeless or employ Test Studio's code-based automation capabilities, you'll always get the best app quality and results. Test Studio offers test automation solutions for the entire team, enabling everyone, from rookie testers to senior developers, business analysts, product managers, and QA leads to achieve maximum efficiency in agile software development environments. Test Studio includes exclusive support for applications that are built with the Telerik and Kendo UI components by way of built-in translators.

Test Studio Web & Desktop
Test recording and execution for Web and WPF automated tests, built-in scheduling solution, centralized Element Repository, headless testing, and CI/CD integration are all included with the Test Studio Web & Desktop license. This license gives you access to Test Studio's core features.

Test Studio Ultimate
On top of the Web & Desktop functionalities, the Test Studio Ultimate license includes the RESTful API Testing and Load Testing modules plus 100 virtual...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Telerik Test Studio Ultimate R3 2022 SP1
Telerik Test Studio Ultimate R3 2022 SP1
Verbessert die Speicherauslastung in Microsoft Visual Studio.
Telerik Test Studio Ultimate R3 2022
Telerik Test Studio Ultimate R3 2022
Verbessert Desktop-Tests mit der offiziellen Version von Desktop Test Automation.
Telerik Teststudio R2 2022
Telerik Teststudio R2 2022
Integriert die Unterstützung für Desktop-Tests (Beta) sowie die Unterstützung für die erweiterungslose Aufnahme/Wiedergabe von Edge Chromium.
Telerik Test Studio Ultimate R1 2022 SP2
Telerik Test Studio Ultimate R1 2022 SP2
Verbessert das Fensterlayout für "Smart Find Logic" und "Manual Step".
Telerik Test Studio Ultimate R1 2022 SP1
Telerik Test Studio Ultimate R1 2022 SP1
Integriert die Unterstützung für die Versionierung der Telerik-Komponentenübersetzung.
Telerik Test Studio Ultimate R1 2022
Telerik Test Studio Ultimate R1 2022
Integriert die Testaufzeichnung und -ausführung in Chrome ohne die Verwendung von Erweiterungen.

Preise ab: $ 3,429.02

One software license is required per machine. Test Studio is offered with a Floating User License with Subscription and Priority Support which gives a specific machine rights to build, modify and...

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  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008

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