Telerik Test Studio Ultimate Releases

Released: Sep 14, 2022

Updates in R3 2022


  • Desktop Test Automation Official v.1.0
    • Application visual tree (DOM) explorer viewer.
    • Step builder added to the Advanced Recording Tools inside the test Recorder.
    • Added support for launching applications by Application User Model ID (Windows Store Applications, UWP, MAUI, etc.)
    • Enabled desktop testing in the Visual Studio plugin.
    • Improved performace of desktop test execution.
    • Convert to code option for recorded steps.
  • New projects use extensionless browser test recording and execution...

Released: Aug 4, 2022

Updates in R2 2022 SP1


  • Empty recent projects list in the welcome view prevents the user from creating a new project.

Released: Jul 27, 2022

Updates in R2 2022


  • Added support for desktop testing (beta) - This provides the most important parts for functional desktop testing, including core test recording and execution functionality plus Element Repository and Test Lists, allowing you to build automated tests for your desktop applications.
  • Added a new and improved welcome screen.
  • Added support for Microsoft Edge Chromium extensionless recording/playback.
  • Added Edge Chromium headless support.
  • Added the latest version of Telerik Components...

Released: Jun 1, 2022

Updates in R1 2022 SP2


  • Google Chrome
    • Chrome Headless/Extensionless no longer runs in incognito mode.
    • Chrome Headless/Extensionless now uses a custom user data directory.
    • Chrome Headless/Extensionless now preserves browser window state and position.
  • UI
    • Improved 'Smart Find Logic' attribute settings.
    • Improved empty test area.
    • Improved 'create new test' experience and test naming mechanism.
    • Improved 'Manual Step' window layout and the size is now persisted.
  • Translators and Wrappers: Added support for the...

Released: Apr 12, 2022

Updates in R1 2022 SP1


  • Added Telerik component translation versioning support - Select the version of the Telerik or Kendo UI components your application uses and that will trigger Test Studio to load the correct translators.
  • The default Compare Mode value has been changed from FullPathandQuery to FullPath.
  • Items inside dropdown elements will now be recorded ByText instead of ByValue.
  • Reduced the "missing browser extension" timeout to 30 sec.
  • Improved element highlight in popups.


Released: Feb 15, 2022

Updates in R1 2022


  • Test recording and execution in Google Chrome without using extensions.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 support for recording and playback of Test Studio automated tests.
  • Microsoft Windows 11: Microsoft Internet Explorer has been replaced with Microsoft Edge, this is now reflected in Test Studio's UI.
  • UI: Added an empty test helper for Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Build: All Test Studio assemblies are now digitally signed.
  • Results: Exported list results of rerun and passed result was...

Released: Nov 3, 2021

Updates in R3 2021


  • Docker Containers Support: Added the ability to execute Test Studio headless Google Chrome tests inside containers.
  • Improved Test Studio UI layout management: Added the ability to create and use multiple custom layouts.
  • Added new WPF TextBlock text descriptor to improve 'pure' text extracting from complex in-line children and data-bound objects.
  • New and improved error handling for automatic upload to Storage Service.
  • Dialogs: Added dialog support for Chrome v.94.
  • UI: Deleting project...

Released: Aug 9, 2021

Updates in R2 2021 SP1


  • System: Rare Test Studio installation failures on some non-English localized Windows distributions.
  • Step Failure Details: UI improvement for long exceptions.
  • Step Failure Details: Fixed a typo.
  • Step Failure Details: ElementNotFound exception suggestion text improved.
  • Step Failure Details: Improved image preview in step explorer.
  • Headless: Specific download dialogs with Cancel button are not handled in Chrome Headless.
  • Browsers: Chrome and Edge Chromium versions are not properly...

Released: Jul 27, 2021

Updates in R2 2021


  • Improved test debugging experience: The fully revamped workflow for fixing failing test scripts helps you spend less time troubleshooting broken tests with brand new UI and a set of new features. Screenshots with improved quality can be expanded on full screen with zoom in/out ability, complete guidance throughout fixing failures with intelligent suggestions and new hands-on documentation articles, screenshots for passed steps and more.
  • Full recording and execution support for .NET...

Released: Jun 16, 2021

Updates in R1 2021 SP2


  • New product EULA.
  • ChromeHeadless hot-fix updater inside Test Studio (receive ChromeHealess functionality hot fixes without installing full Test Studio build).
  • Changed: End of Support for Visual Studio 2012/13.
  • Changed: FindExpression: "FrameInfo" objects are considered equal when their id, name and src match. This improves element merging and creation of duplicated frame nodes is being avoided.


  • Dialogs: Fixed Download dialogs in EdgeChromium 91
  • Dialogs: Fixed Alert...