Actipro Grids for UWP

Actipro Grids for UWP includes PropertyGrid (similar to the Visual Studio 'Properties' tool window where one or more data objects can be specified and their properties edited), TreeListBox an extremely fast, lightweight single-column tree similar to the Visual Studio Solution Explorer tree control) and TreeListView (a multi-column variant of TreeListBox that renders similar to a standard ListView but has many additional features).

Actipro Grids for UWP Features

  • Property Editors - Property editors specify the UI to use for the display of the property name and value. Built-in editors are available for basic property types, but the property grid is very flexible and allows custom property editors to be defined too.
  • Category Editors - When simple inline property editors are not enough, category editors can be used. These allow more complex interfaces to be used inside the property grid for presenting/modifying specified...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Actipro Grids for UWP 2020.1
Actipro Grids for UWP 2020.1
Integriert eine neue Methode für die Aktualisierung der Eigenschaftenraster.
Actipro Grids for UWP 2019.1 build 0341
Actipro Grids for UWP 2019.1 build 0341
Aktualisiert die Visual Studio-Designerfunktionalität, um das neue UWP-Erweiterbarkeitsmodell verwenden zu können.

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