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Actipro Navigation for WinForms

Actipro Navigation contains a NavigationBar control similar to the one found in Outlook. It has an elegant user interface which uses buttons to control which navigation pane is selected. Panes can display data or simply act as a container for child controls. If screen real estate is available, large buttons can be used for pane selection. The end-user has the option of using a splitter to move the large buttons into the overflow button tray, which uses smaller buttons.

Actipro Navigation Features

  • NavigationBar functionality similar to Outlook
  • Multiple rendering styles for various Windows and Office themes
  • Support for custom rendering
  • Buttons provide single-click access to each pane
  • Buttons can be collapsed to an overflow area, allowing for more client area real estate
  • Overflow chevron button provides access to customization features and hidden buttons
  • Built-in Navigation Bar Options dialog for reordering buttons and controlling which buttons are visible...

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Actipro products are licensed by developer. A developer license is required for each individual developer working on a project that uses an Actipro product, whether they directly work with the product...

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