Über Actipro WPF Essentials

Ein Paket mit 8 professionellen Benutzeroberflächen-Steuerelementen und -Komponenten für Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Actipro WPF Essentials includes 8 WPF components produced by Actipro Software including: Actipro DataGrid, Actipro Docking & MDI, Actipro Editors, Actipro Navigation, Actipro Themes, Actipro Ribbon, Actipro Wizard and Actipro Shared Library. Actipro WPF Essentials includes one year subscription and it is Run time Royalty Free.

Actipro WPF Essentials suite includes 8 Actipro WPF control offerings, and at a significant savings.

Actipro WPF Essentials suite includes

  • Docking & MDI for WPF - A complete docking tool window and multiple document interface solution.
  • Editors for WPF - Part-based & masked edit controls, with advanced date/time picker.
  • Navigation for WPF - Navigation bar, explorer bar, and breadcrumb controls.
  • Ribbon for WPF - Easily add an Office-like user interface that meets all Microsoft specifications.
  • Wizard for WPF - Everything you need to quickly create wizard dialogs in your WPF applications.
  • Shared Library for WPF - A set of common controls and useful components for WPF applications.
  • DataGrid for WPF - Advanced customizable property grid and tree controls.

Actipro WPF Studio customers get all new Actipro WPF control products for free while their subscription is active, whereas WPF Essentials customers will not get any new WPF control products. All components included in the suite have extensive Visual Studio Designer functionality.

Please, find below a brief description of the products currently included:

Actipro DataGrid for WPF

The PropertyGrid control allows for all the properties of one or more objects to be displayed, optionally using categories. Pre-defined editors for modifying properties are auto-generated based on property type, and custom property/category editors can be easily created, allowing for total customization of the property editing experience.

The TreeListBox control is extremely fast, lightweight, and displays a single-column tree similar to the Visual Studio Solution Explorer tree control. The TreeListView control is a multi-column variant of TreeListBox that renders similar to a standard ListView but has many additional features.

Actipro Docking & MDI for WPF

Actipro Docking & MDI is a complete solution for easily adding a docking tool window and/or multiple document interface to your WPF applications. Allow your end users to drag and dock tool windows wherever they please, and to persist their customizations. Docking & MDI has been implemented with flexibility in mind. It has more options than nearly any other competitive product out there and mimics Visual Studio's capabilities. While it supports all the types of standard layouts you find in most docking window products.

Actipro Wizard for WPF

Actipro Wizard for WPF is the premiere control for building wizard dialogs in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) that conform to the Wizard97 specification.

Actipro Wizard for WPF has been designed from the ground up to follow WPF best practices, be extremely configurable, and dramatically cut down on the time needed to implement a robust wizard dialog. From simple linear sequences of pages to more advanced decision-based page execution paths, Wizard can handle it all. It provides an amazing number of features that make the design and run-time experience for the developer and end user a positive one.

Major features of Actipro Wizard for WPF include:

  • Multiple built-in page types like exterior and interior pages
  • Page captions and descriptions that display in the header area of the page
  • Page titles that can be used to automatically update the title bar of the containing Window
  • Global default settings for all button visibility and enabled states that can be overridden by page-specific settings
  • Uses WPF command model for handling all button clicks
  • Multiple options for setting the default and cancel buttons on the containing Window to wizard buttons
  • Distinct forward and backward progress animated page transition effects
  • Ability to create custom styles and templates for any part of the Wizard, enabling theming and custom layouts
  • Add custom controls anywhere in the wizard via templates.
  • Default page sequencing that can be overridden declaratively or programmatically
  • Disable pages to have Wizard skip over them when using default page sequencing
  • Process selection changing/changed events at the general Wizard or WizardPage-specific levels
  • Selection change events specify what caused the change, which pages are changing, and allow you to cancel the change or choose a new destination page
  • Validate data on a page in the selection changing event
  • Easily navigate through pages using the mouse and/or keyboard forward/back buttons
  • Easily create wizard user interfaces in XAML markup
  • All parts of the wizard use automatic layout so that they are capable of growing as needed
  • Supports localization and right-to-left layout
  • Follows the WPF accessibility model for UI automation
  • XBAP compatibility
  • Includes detailed documentation and a sample project that demos nearly every feature

Actipro Navigation for WPF

Actipro Navigation is a control suite that includes NavigationBar and ExplorerBar controls, along with styles for animated Expander controls, designed for use in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications.

NavigationBar is a control that fully implements all features found in Outlook, such as complete end user customization, layout save/load, minimization to both left and right sides, and much more.

Explorer bar is an implementation of the task bar that was introduced in Windows explorer. Each expander pane uses smooth animation to fade in and slide down its contents when expanded.

NavigationBar Features

  • Duplicates Office navigation bar functionality
  • 8 distinct built-in themes
  • Pane buttons collapse to conserve space as needed
  • Minimize to the left and right sides
  • Built-in Options window
  • Reusable animated expander style for sub-header panels
  • Layout serialization

ExplorerBar Features

  • Duplicates Windows explorer bar functionality
  • 4 distinct built-in themes, each with alternate expander styles
  • Expanders use animation to fade and slide when expanding/collapsing
  • Optionally allow only one expander to be expanded at a time
  • Vertical scrollbar auto-added as needed

Actipro Navigation Common Features

  • Tint themes or completely restyle/template the controls
  • Localization and right-to-left layout capabilities
  • VS and Blend designer support
  • XBAP support and much more

Actipro Editors for WPF

Actipro Editors is a control suite that implements several data entry controls for the Windows Presentation Foundation framework, including a masked textbox and parts-based editors. Each control has numerous options available and allows for a more intuitive/natural data entry. The masked textbox can be used to restrict user input to a preconfigured regular expression mask, with support for alternations and quantifiers. Parts-based editors allow the various "parts" of an associated type to be modified individually, such as entering only the month part of a date. Several parts-based editors are provided for existing .Net types, including brushes, colors, and dates/times.

Actipro WPF Shared Library

The Actipro WPF Shared Library is a common control library referenced by all of the WPF .NET controls. It contains a number of very useful controls and components that can be used in your projects.