Über Actipro WPF Studio

Ein Paket professioneller Benutzeroberflächen-Steuerelemente und -Komponenten für Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Actipro WPF Studio includes all WPF components produced by Actipro Software including: Actipro Charts for WPF (Visualize complex data with stunning charts), Actipro Ribbon (Office-like user interface), SyntaxEditor for WPF (A syntax-highlighting code editor control and parsing suite), Editors for WPF (Part-based & masked edit controls, with advanced date/time picker), Actipro Shell (Windows shell folder and file browsing controls), Actipro Wizard (wizard dialogs), Actipro Navigation, Actipro Grids, Actipro Bar Code (bar code generation), Actipro Gauge, Actipro Docking & MDI and the Actipro Shared Library (many useful components and miscellaneous controls). Actipro WPF Studio licensees enjoy one year of free upgrades to any new WPF product versions and also any new WPF component products introduced. Source Code available. Run time Royalty Free.

Actipro WPF Studio

  • Bar Code - Vector-based 2D and linear bar code generation.
  • Charts - Visualize complex data with stunning charts.
  • DataGrid - Enhancements, editors integration, and themes for the MS WPF DataGrid.
  • Docking & MDI - A complete docking tool window and multiple document interface solution.
  • Editors - Part-based & masked edit controls, with advanced date/time picker.
  • Gauge - A complete set of circular, linear, and digital gauge controls.
  • Grids - Advanced PropertyGrid and custom tree (TreeListBox/TreeListView) controls.
  • Micro Charts - Small charts, also called sparklines, designed to visualize complex data.
  • Navigation - Navigation bar, explorer bar, breadcrumb, and zoom controls.
  • Ribbon - Easily add an Office-like user interface that meets all Microsoft specifications.
  • Shell - Windows shell folder and file browsing controls.
  • SyntaxEditor - A syntax-highlighting code editor control and parsing suite.
  • Themes - Professionally-designed themes for your whole application.
  • Views - Unique WPF controls and panels that support fluid animated item layout.
  • Wizard - Everything you need to quickly create wizard dialogs.
  • Shared Library - A set of common controls and useful components for WPF applications.