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Manuel SgargettaItalien5 Stern

I was a initially concerned about price, but after few days it is clear that the product is very complete and allows to save a lot of developing time. It is very simple to use and to integrate in my... Lesen Sie mehr

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Manuel SgargettaItalien5 Stern

I was a initially concerned about price, but after few days it is clear that the product is very complete and allows to save a lot of developing time. It is very simple to use and to integrate in my existing application to generate Word or PDF documents starting from templates. With just a few lines of code you can load it in memory, merge with your object arrays and get the result (DOC, DOCX or PDF). It is really fast in production and simple to integrate compared with other libraries.

Only with some complex documents we see that the software requests a lot of CPU time. Last important point is that it doesn't need Office installed to work. We used PDF functions of this library to manage PDF files. The real advantage of Aspose is that with the same library you have a full solution to work with PDF to fine managing PDF file formats, manipulate contents and convert it to different formats. The other point we managed with Aspose.Total was mail. I tested it trying to connect to POP, IMAP and Exchange accounts. It was really easy to manage ics invitations. Now we are trying to manage XBRL formats. Functions available inside the package seems to grant reading and validation capabilities in minutes.

We are really satisfied by this product and for sure it will be part of our codes on coming years.

keith.pogodaUSA5 Stern

We have been a fan of ASPOSE products for years. Within the healthcare, clinical education and patient care settings, our organization faces numerous documentation challenges that the ASPOSE offerings efficiently service within this space.

We were dealing with a complex set of data points housed in numerous data locations that needed to be merged in an efficient and consumable format for an ever increasing set of data consumers. Merging these data sets in a customized format oftentimes varied not just by Physician practice location and study type, but also by the practitioner themselves. This required providing data outputs in tailored formats so that information could be communicated in the most effective positive outcome format.

ASPOSE provides a mechanism to merge data sets together in an efficient and accurate method to best service the patient population.

dohodohoSweden5 Stern

I have specifically used Aspose.Slides for fast text extraction from PowerPoint files. I was also in need for ppt support and not only pptx, which led me to Aspose. So far, everything is working as it should and it is very fast which is exactly what I needed.

garycUnited Kingdom5 Stern

With a small, but experienced, development team, it is important for us to be efficient in developing new products and services. Similarly, we need to be sure we can deliver client solutions within agreed timeframes. With new features required, we evaluated a number of products, as well as testing with Openxml. I was delighted with how quickly we were able to get “up and running” and doing effective tests with the Trial versions of Aspose.Slides and Aspose.Words. The documentation and code snippets are very helpful and easy to follow and gave us significant trust in our ability to work with Aspose. I would thoroughly recommend Aspose and I look forward to expanding our own services with other Aspose products.

tomCA, USA5 Stern

Aspose is great library. Prior to using Aspose we were leveraging a third party platform to perform file conversion on behalf of our customers. Due to security and compliance requirements we decided to bring this capability internally, however, this is not trivial task and Aspose solves some of the biggest pain points.

We needed a solution to convert Microsoft documents/sheet/presentations into PDf reliably and we tried OpenOffce and LibreOffice, which got us about 90% of the way there. Then we tried Aspose (Words, Sheet and Slides) and as per our initial testing it has been a great tool. It also supports streaming which is a huge plus and something that other solutions just couldn't do.

Overall we are happy and and plan to use this library for a number of our use cases.