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Jason Tsai Taiwan ROC5 Stern

Wonderful Software SDK to develop MFC program with Fancy UI.

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Name vorenthalten Verifizierter KundeSchweiz5 Stern
Name vorenthalten Verifizierter KundeKorea, Republik4 Stern
Jason Tsai Verifizierter KundeTaiwan ROC5 Stern

Wonderful Software SDK to develop MFC program with Fancy UI.

Name vorenthalten Verifizierter KundeKorea, Republik5 Stern
Name vorenthalten Verifizierter KundeDeutschland5 Stern
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The editors of 3D2F.COM have called BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition "the most promising in its class". "BCGControlBar Professional Edition is a vast (over 200 components) collection of professionally designed and thoroughly tested MFC extension classes allowing you to fill your applications with great-looking and truly convenient features. The software enables you to save countless hours of development and testing time and create beautiful Microsoft Office and Microsoft Visual Studio type of programs with fully customizable interfaces based on ribbons, dynamic menus, toolbars and other elements. The library offers an amazing lot of features ready to be used right away: an advanced text editor with syntax highlighting, a professional data grid, a calendar in the MS Office style, a Gantt chart, resizable dialogs and forms, detachable and auto-hide panes using a proprietary docking algorithm and a whole lot more. The library ... is highly stable and reliable".