Über ComponentSpace Trace Route Component

Führen Sie ein Internet-Route-Tracing durch, um Netzverzögerungen und Topologie zu ermitteln.

ComponentSpace Trace Route Component is fully event driven. Receive events when route timing has completed, a hop has completed, and the route tracing has completed. Written in 100% managed C# code, the Class Library offers .NET developers complete route tracing functionality for their applications.

ComponentSpace Trace Route Component may be used in any Windows or Web application by adding a reference to the assembly to access the classes in the KeyTech.TraceRoute namespace.

The TraceRouteClient class instigates route tracing. You may specify the maximum number of hops and also whether to resolve Internet addresses to names. The route tracing either may be performed synchronously (blocking) using the TraceRoute method or asynchronously (non-blocking) using the BeginTraceRoute and EndTraceRoute methods. For asynchronous calls you may receive completion notification either through an event or a callback method. A timeout may be specified.

For each hop a number of timings are done. These are reported using the TraceRouteTimingCompleted event that includes the timing and TTL information. Once the timings for a hop are completed a TraceRouteHopCompleted event is raised that includes the server address and optionally its name, the hop number and the timings. Finally once the target server is reached a TraceRouteCompleted event is raised. Once completed the entire route tracing information is returned in a list of TraceRouteHop objects.

All classes that raise events support a SynchronizingObject property. All classes report errors through the TraceRouteException.

Main Features

  • Specify maximum hop count, timeouts and whether to resolve Internet addresses
  • Receive hops counts, router addresses and names, timings and TTLs
  • Fully event driven
  • Calling applications may make either synchronous or asynchronous calls
  • Asynchronous calls may either use events or callbacks
  • Specify a timeout
  • 100% managed code written in C#
  • Object oriented design specifically for the .NET framework
  • All error handling through .NET exceptions
  • Comprehensive Visual Studio .NET style documentation
  • VB.NET and C# example source code
  • Includes prompt free email support
  • Royalty free runtime
  • Source code available

This class library may also be purchased as part of the Key Technology .NET Internet Suite.