Datalore is a collaborative data science platform that streamlines insight delivery and helps data science and business teams become more productive together. You can use Datalore for data collection and exploration, machine learning, interactive visualization and reporting.

Datalore Features

  • Real-time collaboration on code - Share notebooks by link or via email and see live changes to the code.
  • Versioning - Track progress with history checkpoints, compare versions, and revert to previous checkpoints at any time.
  • Team workspaces -Organize team projects in workspaces to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Shared files and data sources - Securely share your data connections and files attached to notebooks and workspaces.
  • Custom Auth modules - Configure authentication and...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Bearbeiten von DataFrame-Zellen und Generieren von aktualisiertem Code
Bearbeiten von DataFrame-Zellen und Generieren von aktualisiertem Code
February 9, 2024Product Update
Datalore 2024.1 von JetBrains vereinfacht die Bearbeitung mit Änderungen in Tabellen und sofortigem Code-Export für reproduzierbare Ergebnisse innerhalb des Notebooks.
Sichere Verbindung zu Data Warehouses über OAuth
Sichere Verbindung zu Data Warehouses über OAuth
December 4, 2023Product Update
Datalore 2023.6 bietet Unterstützung für die OAuth-Authentifizierung beim Herstellen einer Verbindung mit Snowflake und BigQuery.

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Team (Cloud). Hosted and managed by JetBrains, 750 hours of basic machine, 20 GB of cloud storage, All the product features, Additional compute capacity could be purchased if required, Team management...

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Datalore Team

  • Hosted and managed by JetBrains

Datalore Enterprise

  • A self-hosted version of Datalore
    • Docker-based installation
    • Kubernetes-based installation

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